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Do you want to empower and support your sales teams? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales stores all relevant information within one system, and enables you to boost productivity, efficiency, collaboration and more.

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What is Dynamics 365 Sales?

D365 Sales is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution supporting your sales teams throughout the entire sales cycle. Intelligent functionality enables businesses to gain invaluable insights into prospects & customers: driving engagement, streamlining sales processes, improving efficiency and maintaining profitable relationships.

The below Dynamics 365 Sales features are a snapshot of the capabilities within the CRM, however, further features are available due to the bespoke nature of the system.

Increase Sales

Functionality helps your sales teams improve day-to-day processes

Manage Pipeline

Manage and interact with opportunities effectively, from start to finish

Bespoke Solution

We can tailor the solution to fit your unique needs and requirements

Lead & Opportunity Management

Easily create, qualify and convert leads & opportunities

Work Anywhere

Access D365 Sales from any platform, such as tablet, phone or internet browser

Sales Dashboards

Display critical data in easy to understand customisable charts and graphs

Process Automation

Configure advanced workflow automations using Power Automate

Enhanced Forecasting

Accurately predict revenue for a given time period, to support strategic decision making

Dynamics 365 Sales Demo

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales provides an intuitive CRM platform to bring together sales teams and facilitate the buyer journey. Upon being opened, the user is greeted with a bespoke interactive dashboard, showing them useful visualisations that can be drilled down into to gain an even deeper understanding of the underlying data.

The general process begins with a lead, where the user can enter information such as contact details or the relevant stakeholders into a form that is fully customizable for your business needs. The user can track all activities such as phone calls, emails and appointments using the timeline, which is visible to whoever needs to see it. Allowing seamless collaboration across the entire sales team.

Once deemed fit, this lead can be converted into an opportunity. This entire process is always visible and could be seen as a process bar at the top of the page. As the sales process continues, quotes and orders can be created, keeping all revisions so no data is lost.

For the sales managers, goals and forecasts can be used to help identify individuals strengths and improvement areas throughout the year.

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Dynamics 365 Sales Benefits

Below are some of the benefits, read more about them here.

Increased sales cycle efficiency

Boost sales productivity

Build stronger customer relationships

Accelerate sales performance

More informed strategic decisions

Less time spent on administrative tasks

Improved team collaboration

Work smarter

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Integrations

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The native integration between Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator supports sellers to build trust, manage relationships, identify new leads, view suggestions on how best to make introductions, etc.


The Dynamics 365 App for Outlook (on desktop, web, or mobile device) enables users to link Outlook emails to any D365 Sales record, including contacts, opportunities and cases. This seamless integration saves users from switching between applications and improves efficiency as a result.  

Microsoft Teams

Have your teams chat directly located within your CRM system reducing the time spent switching between apps. Additionally, link new or existing chat to a record ensuring that all information is accessible within one place.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Sales is only one part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, further the systems capabilities by adding Dynamics 365; Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Voice, Project Operations and/or Field Service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of sales licenses available (Sales Professional, Sales Enterprise, Sales Premium and Team Member), each differing in capabilities and storage capacities. Take a look at our blog post which compares the D365 Sales licenses in more depth, here.

At Pragmatiq we have developed our implementation methodology to be the perfect pairing to the technology we offer. Our approach follows several stages, each of which is designed to ensure the successful delivery of your Dynamics 365 solution.

Learn more about our implementation methodology.

We understand that over time, your business will grow and change, and your needs may shift; the beauty of a bespoke solution is that it can be tailored even after implementation.

At Pragmatiq, we have a Managed Service offering, which allows us to support your business post go-live.

As the most established bespoke solutions in the market, we often get asked about the differences between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.

We have written a blog post which compares the products, across areas such as; applications, deployment options, pricing, integrations, ease of development, and business intelligence capabilities. Read our comparison here.

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