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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, which supports your sales team in order to grow your business.

Intelligent functionality enables businesses to gain invaluable insights into prospects and customers to help drive engagement, streamline sales processes, improve efficiency and maintain profitable relationships.

Key benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales

Save time

With data in one place, teams have access to the latest information quickly & save time switching between applications

Work Anywhere

Dynamics 365 allows you to track emails in Outlook on the go & access up to date information via phone, tablet or internet browser

Increase Sales

Access accurate sales forecasts quickly and use Dynamics 365 to advance your plans around these insights, resulting in increased sales

Dynamics 365 Sales Features

Build Relationships

  • Store all information that is relevant to a customer or prospect, such as basic contact information, notes, emails, calls, communication preferences, and more, in one place
  • See at a glance how every lead and opportunity is performing, understand where to focus resources, and plan next steps
  • Align sales behaviour with best practices using help and documentation
  • Relationship Assistant keeps you up to date with next steps, such as an upcoming customer deadline or responding to a critical email
  • Included with a Sales Enterprise license, businesses can leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to better understand their client base
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Increase Productivity

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates with Dynamics 365 Sales so you can easily build and manage relationships
  • Increase productivity with familiar tools like Outlook, Excel and SharePoint that work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Automatically track emails to Dynamics 365 records such as accounts, contacts and opportunities, to ensure all communication is stored in one place

Work Smarter

  • Leverage AI data analytics and insights with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights add-on
  • Connect the Sales application with Dynamics 365 Marketing to enable better-qualified leads and ensure a connected experience across the customer journey
  • Embed Power BI dashboards within Dynamics 365 to enhance the existing reporting capabilities
  • Dedicated sales mobile app that allows salespeople to access and update information from Dynamics 365, wherever they might be

Leverage Microsoft Teams

  • Encourage team collaboration with Microsoft Teams and share meetings, notes, documents and more
  • Salespeople can create a Teams meeting when scheduling an appointment from Dynamics 365, or join a team meetings in a single click
  • Capture notes seamlessly during a Teams meeting, and have these notes automatically sync back to records in Dynamics 365
  • Conversation Intelligence transcribes calls and provides meaningful insights. It will also analyse content, sentiment, and behavioural style, such as competitors and keywords that the prospect mentions

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