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Dive into the future with D365 for Financial Service Organisations helping streamline operations and drive profits.

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Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Financial Services

Whether your company operates in insurance, asset finance, banking, tax advisory, private equity, or wealth management, our customised Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Financial Services Solution elevates your customer relationships.

Increase Productivity

D365 for Financial Organisations automates tasks, reduces manual efforts, and empowers your team to focus on value-adding activities, significantly boosting productivity and efficiency.

360° View of Client

Gain a comprehensive overview of your client’s data with Dynamics 365 for Financial Services, enabling you to better understand and personalise your services, fostering stronger client relationships.

Enhanced Client Support

Deliver personalised, quick client support with Dynamics 365 for Financial Services, leveraging advanced marketing and customer service functionalities to anticipate and meet client needs.

Intelligent Assistance

Copilot in Dynamics 365 uses AI to support users with day-to-day tasks, allowing teams to focus on strategic decisions for improved financial outcomes.

Key Features of Dynamics 365 for Financial Services

The features within Dynamics 365 are fully customisable; here are some examples of commonly utilised capabilities by our Financial Services clients.

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Effortlessly manage essential details regarding your contacts and accounts by implementing our Financial Services CRM. Customised to your organisational needs, the information displayed can vary but may cover information such as contact information, financial history, client interactions, notes, and much more, ensuring seamless management of your data.

Easily track the progress of your leads and opportunities, identifying those ready to convert and ones that still need further attention. This ensures that your pipeline is managed effectively driving sales and overall profit.

Communicating with potential and current customers, at the right time, through the right channel, and using the right content is crucial for providing a positive customer experience. Our Finance CRM has a wide variety of marketing capabilities that make personalisation and engagement easy.

Financial services organisations must follow strict legislation within the industry and ensure that they remain compliant in everything they do. Microsoft has a comprehensive security and compliance model means that your data is safe and secure.

Moreover, secure credentials coupled with specific security roles, ensure that users can only access the information that they need.

Manual processes can hinder efficiency and take up valuable time that could be spent better elsewhere. D365 for Financial Service Organisations offers advanced automation capabilities, streamlining processes and reducing manual tasks.

Our solution provides in-depth insights into your projects, sales pipeline, financial figures, campaigns, and more, providing stakeholders with a clear understanding of activities, problem areas, resource distribution and more.

Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft 365 Suite (Sharepoint, Excel, Word, etc.), the Power Platform (Power BI, Power Automate, etc.), Business Central and various applications such as Sage and Zero.

Insurance and Asset Finance CRM

Want to know about our bespoke offerings in the financial services industry? Take a look at our specific pages below for more information, and if you don’t see your industry please get in touch.

Insurance CRM

Our CRM for Insurance Brokers centralises information, promoting effective client relationship management, increased engagement across clients and brokers, while also having the capability to monitor policies, claims, premiums, renewals and more.

Asset Finance CRM

Built specifically for asset finance, our cloud-based CRM software enables your business to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on client relationships.

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