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Financial services organisations have many unique things to consider when implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Alongside the standard requirements for CRM, organisations that operate within the financial services industry are also faced with complex processes and legislation requirements.

Our CRM for Financial Services, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, provides businesses with a centralised solution to manage customer information, new opportunities, automate key processes to boost operational efficiencies, and much more.

Key Benefits for Financial Services

Whether you are an Insurance, Asset Management, Banking, Property Finance, Finance Brokerage, Tax Advisor, Private Equity or Wealth Management business, Dynamics 365 can provide the features and functionality to overcome your business challenges. 

  • Centralise your data 
  • 360-degree overview of relationships across departments 
  • Client/broker portal 
  • Management and automation of compliance/legislation processes 
  • Insight and analysis of client engagement 
  • Document management 
  • E-signature integration 
  • Track and report investment interests 
  • Application management 
  • Event management  

How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financial Services help you?

Improved client experience

Manage client data from one centralised system and provide great service every time. With a 360-degree view of the client, advisors are able to personalise their interactions by demonstrating their ability to remember what is important, as well as their personal interests.

Increased efficiency

Even in smaller organisations, client needs can be a lot for one person to manage effectively and therefore assistance can be required from other departments. With a CRM system, data can be accessed quickly, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual communication.

Understand your competitors

Competition within financial services is often intense, so ensuring you are always one step ahead of your competitors is essential. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can store information about the companies that you compete against and track who you’re up against during the tender process.

Gain critical insights

A CRM provides you with visibility of projects that you are currently bidding on, or are in the pipeline, what stage each is at in the sales process, when they are due, which internal stakeholders are involved when the last activity was completed and what needs to happen next.

Client success story: Moorgate Finance

Moorgate Finance is an independent finance brokerage based in Northamptonshire. They offer finance to a range of sectors such as Agriculture, Brewery, Equestrian, Motorsport, Retail and Technology, to name but a few. The company prides itself on outstanding customer service and satisfaction, aiming to react quickly to requirements and offer expert knowledge to clients. In order to support them, Moorgate Finance required a tailored CRM solution which Pragmatiq was able to deliver.

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