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Designed specifically for the training industry, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provides training organisations with the tools to the run their business effectively; from the management of delegates, courses and instructors, to allocation of course literature, certifications, and much more. 

Common challenges faced by Training Providers

Time spent on admin

Essential resource hours are being spent on admin activities within training organisations, such as manually inputting information, to gathering data from multiple systems & spreadsheets. By using a CRM system to automate your processes and store information, more time can be spent developing and enhancing courses. 

Inconsistent training experiences

Another challenge that training providers face is the risk of inconsistent training. Although it is recognised that every service is different and requires varied offerings, without a system to manage courses, delegates, associated resources and certifications, then the experience/service delivery can be inconsistent. 

Lack of business visibility

It is crucial for training providers to have an overall view of the organisation in order to identify gaps and make improvements. Without a CRM system, it can be difficult to get a clear view of the business. Gaining key insights enables you to amend courses that lack engagement, or pin-point areas of the sales process which need further work.  

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Training Providers

Define your courses

Schedule training courses, match trainers by skills and availability, track resources and monitor recurring bookings. Also allow delegates to search for training courses, book online and track progress through an online portal (optional). 

Monitor Resources

Assign the date and time for each training course, set the course duration to automatically calculate end times, manage relevant certifications for each session and assign contacts with each course (speakers, trainer, etc). 

Full view of delegate information

Being able to access all information in relation to delegates, in a timely manner is essential. Within Dynamics 365 you are able to monitor individual training courses, manage personal information, automatically calculate course expiry dates, add associated documents & certifications and assign a status against each record (interested, paid, attended, etc). 

CRM software for training provider example

Manage finances

Integrate with finance software to track payments, generate and send invoices. Once paid, follow-up with joining instructions using an automated process within Dynamics 365. 

Right message, right time

By managing delegate information within a system, you are able to track preferences and courses attended, or of interest. Specific marketing lists can then be generated for targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring that you are maximising opportunities to engage with existing clients and potential prospects. 

Gain insights into your organisation

One of the challenges Training Providers face, is a lack of business visibility. Within Dynamics 365, you are able to gain crucial business insights into the whole organisation, allowing you to identify under-performing courses, learners who need additional support, or areas of the sales process which need developing. 

CRM software for training provider business process flow example

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Training Providers

Reduce admin time

By automating tasks and systemising processes (as opposed to gathering data from disparate systems and spreadsheets), admin time is drastically reduced. This can be spent on other key tasks such as identifying future training possibilities, or delivering outstanding services. 

Keep training up-to-date

Using a system to track your customers’ interactions means you can monitor what type of training they have been on, assess if there are follow-up courses available and identify if their current qualification is about to expire. This ensures that training is kept up-to-date at all times. 

360-degree view of organisation

Get a single, unified view of all elements within your organisation. With Dynamics 365 for Training Providers, you can track delegates/course attendees, bookings, past & upcoming courses, certifications, and more. With this information, you can quickly make more informed decisions. 

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