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Our Training Provider CRM helps you effectively manage courses, delegates, sales, and communications, ultimately supporting your growth.

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Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Training Providers?

Is your data stored across various locations? Are your processes manual and taking up valuable time? Do you struggle to gain a clear view of your business performance?

Then our Training Provider CRM is the right solution for you, providing your organisation with everything you need and more to solve the above challenges.

Everything in one place

Store all the information you need about courses, delegates, bookings, certifications, interactions, and more within a single solution. This makes it easy to make informed strategic decisions that drive growth.

Automate lengthy processes

D365 for Training Providers has advanced automation capabilities, making it easy to streamline emails, follow-ups, certificate generation, and much more. It also eliminates duplicate records by cross-referencing new client information with existing data.

Improve client experience

Deliver exceptional customer experiences through highly personalised interactions. These interactions can cater to individual clients across multiple marketing channels.

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Case Study: Training Providers

ECG is a healthcare training provider that offers mandatory, clinical, and soft skills training required for healthcare professionals working in primary or secondary care.

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“We have worked closely with the team for over 12 months and we are over the moon with where we currently are.”

Clara Travers
Clara Travers Head of Operations at ECG Training

Features of Dynamics 365 for Training Providers

Course Management

Effortlessly manage every aspect of your course life-cycle, from planning and execution to post-go-live, by easily creating courses, matching instructors, tracking resources, monitoring bookings, and more. Plus, establish a user-friendly portal for delegates to browse and book courses.

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Full view of delegate information

Have a clear record of every delegate, including their personal information, current courses, course expiration dates, transaction history, documents & certifications, and more, all in one place.

Online or In-Person Training

Dynamics 365 for Training Providers adapts to your needs, offering support for both in-person and online training. Quickly manage venues, room bookings, or schedule Teams meetings within the system, or a combination of both.

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Keep track of finances

Our Training Provider CRM seamlessly integrates with finance software to track payments and automate the sending of invoices. This makes it easy to understand what payments have been made, what payments are outstanding and where reminders must be sent.

Right message, right time

With all data centralised within a single solution, it is easy to create marketing segments to create targeted marketing campaigns, that drive engagement and loyalty.

Resource Hub

Store all templates regarding courses, emails, certifications, etc., within the resource hub, making it easy for employees to access it when needed.

Gain insights into your organisation

One of the challenges Training Providers face is a lack of business visibility. Within Dynamics 365, you are able to gain crucial business insights into the whole organisation, allowing you to identify underperforming courses, learners who need additional support or areas of the sales process which need developing. 

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Clients we work with...

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Frequently asked questions about our CRM Software for Training Providers

As part of the Microsoft suite, D365 seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft applications such as:

  • Outlook: The Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook seamlessly integrates these two systems, making it easy to track communications against specific client records.
  • Power BI: Quickly pull together complex data in easy-to-read dashboards and reports
  • Sharepoint: Store any relevant course documentation and training material within Sharepoint, which is then accessible within D365
  • Power Automate: Create more advanced automation across your business with Power Automate and D365

D365 for Training Providers also integrates with a variety of other tools, that are not a part of the Microsoft ecosystem, for more details please speak to our technical team.

There are various CRM Solutions on the market, however, few consider the intricacies that training providers may need within their solutions.

At Pragmatiq, we work closely with you to understand your requirements and build a system that is customised to fit around your needs. This ensures that your solution will have the functionality you need, creating a great basis for growth and operational efficiency.

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