Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Create surveys, track responses and enhance relationships

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What is Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is a feedback management tool to create surveys and track responses. It is designed to provide a more complete view of relationships, enhance insights that will lead to better experiences and allow you to make more informed business decisions.

What does Customer Voice do?

Create and send a survey

Businesses can create a new survey using one of the ready-to-use templates, or, build a survey from scratch. The way Customer Voice works means that your surveys are grouped as ‘projects’, in a way that makes sense to your business. For example, you might group all the surveys that are related to a specific product/service in one project. You could also choose to just have one survey per project, depending on your needs.

Survey templates include periodic customer feedback, order delivery, service visit and support.

Within a survey, users can customise areas such as branching (flow of the survey), variables, languages, branding, formatting and more. The ‘preview’ feature then enables you to see exactly how your survey will appear across desktop and mobile devices. Once you are ready to share your survey, you can then do so from within Customer Voice – choose to share via email, automated workflow, email, embed the link on a web page, QR code or the link itself.

Dynamics 365 customer voice create a project overview

Analyse responses

Once a survey has been sent and people respond, you are able to closely monitor the satisfaction metrics that are most important to your business. This will allow you to understand customer sentiment and trends which you can quickly act on. You also have the ability to create alerts to be notified when customer satisfaction is decreasing, for example, setting up triggers for ‘Negative Customer Service Feedback’ or ‘Low Sales Experience’.

Users can also view analytics to check if emails have been opened and read, and access feedback in real-time.

Customer Voice alerts showing name, condition, customer

View satisfaction metrics

On the ‘Satisfaction Metrics’ dashboard, users can gain an overall view of survey responses. The dashboard shows standardised satisfaction metrics – such as sentiment, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): NPS is a metric used to measure customer loyalty. The score is calculated from the NPS-type question by using a scale from 0 through 10.
  • Sentiment: Sentiment is a metric used to identify customer sentiment toward a product or a service. Sentiment groups the responses to a text-based question as positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): CSAT is a metric used to measure the level of satisfaction customers have with a product or a service. CSAT is measured by responses to rating-type questions.
customer voice satisfaction metrics - user reviews, case satisfaction

Customer Voice Integrations

Customer Voice allows you to continuously connect feedback with customer data in other Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications.

For example, in Dynamics 365 Sales you could open up a customer record and view their Customer Voice Data, such as recent activity, responses, etc.

Power Automate could also be used to automatically send a survey when another action is completed, such as sending a survey when a work order is completed or closed in Dynamics 365.

Customer voice survey send automated email

Connect seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Build surveys using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and access them directly from Dynamics 365 Marketing components including the segment builder, the email designer, and the customer journey design.

Customer voice new email marketing tool box

Customer Voice Pricing

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is included with the following Dynamics 365 products: Sales Enterprise, Customer Service Enterprise, Field Service, Marketing, Human Resources, and Project Service Automation. If you have other Dynamics 365 products or don’t have a Dynamics 365 subscription, you may purchase Dynamics 365 Customer Voice separately.

For customers with select Dynamics 365 applications


2,000 survey responses per tenant/month
Additional responses may be purchased separately

For customers without select Dynamics 365 applications


Per Tenant, Per Month

Additional responses may be purchased separately

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