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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Jessica Compton,

February 13th, 2024

4 min read

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (previously known as Forms Pro) is a customer feedback management tool that enables you to create surveys and track responses, making gathering feedback easier than ever before. Within this blog, we will highlight the benefits of Customer Voice, discuss the features and how they can help improve your business,  and provide information on useful integrations. You can see Customer Voice in action below…

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

  • Fast set up time – get started quickly with ready-to-use templates or build custom surveys in just a few clicks
  • Connected feedback – connect your data with other Dynamics 365 applications, the Power Platform, and third-party applications
  • Use on any device – compatible with all devices, customers can engage with your surveys from wherever they are
  • Actionable insights – Review the satisfaction metrics and gain actionable insights from the survey responses

What you can do with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Create and Send a Survey

Customer Voice allows you to create surveys using one of the ready-to-use templates or build a survey from scratch. Survey templates include

  • Periodic customer feedback
  • Order delivery
  • Service visit
  • Support

When creating a survey, users can customise areas such as branching, variables, languages, branding, formatting, and more. Throughout the editing process, users are able to preview the survey to see exactly how it will appear across desktop and mobile devices. Once the survey is ready to be shared, there are options to do so via email, automated workflow, embedding the link on a webpage, QR code, or direct link. Within the Customer Voice interface, surveys are grouped as ‘projects’ in an appropriate way for your business, making them easier to manage.

customer voice survey template

Reviewing Survey Feedback

Once the survey has been sent, the next stage is for it to be completed and responses to come back. Users can view the feedback in real-time and monitor whether the survey has been opened, read and completed. The Satisfaction Metrics dashboard within Customer Voice, allows users to explore the feedback received, with each metric shown using a different visualisation. The dashboard shows standardised satisfaction metrics – such as such as sentiment, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) – based on rating questions for individual interactions
  • Customer Sentiment – based on AI scans of text to understand the overall tone of a response
  • Net Prompter Score (NPS) – based on rating answers for the likelihood of a customer recommending the company/service/product

Within Customer Voice, users can also set alerts to follow-up on feedback received. This allows businesses to quickly identify positive or negative feedback, so they can take the necessary action.

d365 field service feedback report

Useful Customer Voice Integrations

Customer Voice allows you to continuously connect feedback with customer data in other Dynamics 365 applications, including Marketing, Customer Insights, and the Power Platform. Below are a couple of example scenarios:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales: open up a customer record and view their Customer Voice Data, such as recent activity, responses, etc.
  • Power Automate: Automatically send a survey when another action is completed, such as sending a survey when a work order is completed or closed in Dynamics 365.
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing: Build surveys using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and access them directly from Marketing components including the segment builder, the email designer, and the customer journey design.

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