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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform in the Charity and Not for Profit sector. The cloud-based solution centralises all information and provides a 360-degree view of supporters, volunteers and other areas of the organisation. Additionally, the functionality enables users to manage information such as donation history, training documents, and recent communications. Event management and reporting functionality mean your organisation is supported by one solution, so there is no need for disparate systems and manual, time-consuming processes.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Charities and Non-Profits

Centralise Data

Capture, view and track all interactions and communications with your donors, sponsors or members.

Discounted Licensing

Microsoft provides discounted licensing and pricing for charities and non-profit organisations (often 75% less).

Increase Loyalty

Keep donors updated by sending them timely personalised fundraising messages, increasing supporter loyalty.

Support Volunteers

Support volunteers effectively with tools that assist their day-to-day activities, ongoing training, communications, etc.


Track and analyse supporter behaviour, donation history, marketing preferences, etc. 

Gain Enhanced Insight

Gain real-time data insights and make more informed decisions.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Charities and Non-Profits

  • Single Supporter View – Gain a complete, real-time view of your donors, sponsors, members and beneficiaries in one place. Details such as donation history, recent communications, communication preferences and notes, can be recorded within the system. As a result, your organisation can help deliver a better, more personalised experience. 
  • Communicate Effectively – Using the data stored within the system, tailor communications to your supporters. Send timely, relevant and personalised messages, keeping them updated on where donations are being utilised, or upcoming events they might be interested in. This makes interactions more targeted and therefore likely to drive positive engagement. 
  • Volunteer management – Effectively manage your volunteers within Dynamics 365 by providing a full view of hours volunteered, skills, training, communications, etc. As a result, your volunteers will be more supported and motivated. 
  • Work anywhere, any time – Avoid duplication of effort and enable your staff and volunteers to access records on the go. They can update case notes, view records and see live data on any device, wherever they are. 
  • Grant management – The grant management process can be time-consuming and often requires input from various stakeholder. Our software eases this process by allowing you to track submissions from start to finish, share important documentation with other users, and set automatic reminders to renew or reapply for grants. 
  • Event management – Fundraising events are a crucial part of any charity/non-profit organisation, but managing a busy calendar and maximising the opportunities these events present, can be difficult. Dynamics 365 is tailored to handle event management activities, such as bookings, donations, reminders, etc. 
  • Gain key insights into your organisation – Real-time, interactive reports and dashboards, allow you to gain key insights into your organisation. Accurately report on supporter engagement trends and see the impact of your work; a task that can be time-consuming without a centralised database. 
  • Security – Secure credentials are required to sign in to the system and administrators have the ability to grant specific security permissions around certain files or information, meaning only those who require access are able to. When a team member leaves the organisation, you can simply deactivate their account, ensuring your data is safe. 

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