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In today’s ever-changing landscape, charities and non-profit organisations encounter a multitude of difficulties. Amidst these challenges, the intensifying competition for donor support emerges as one of the most daunting obstacles. As a result, organisations often experience a decline in donations, this makes effective fundraising more important than ever to ensure organisational continuity.

Effective fundraising can look different across organisations and a solution that works for some, may not work for others. At Pragmatiq, we develop bespoke solutions for charities and non-profits that are tailored to fit around our clients’ unique needs and requirements. This way, we ensure that you have all the tools you need to run successful fundraising campaigns.

Streamline fundraising campaigns

Is your organisation spending too much time creating fundraising campaigns without seeing significant results? Our fundraising CRM makes it easy to create, send, and analyse campaigns, helping you to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement.

Additionally, automation and real-time capabilities make it easy to engage members at the perfect time, further increasing the chances of fundraising success.

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Forge deeper connections with your donors

Our fundraising CRM supports your organisation throughout the entire donor lifecycle, covering a wide range of areas that can help you forge deeper connections with your donors. Some of the features that can help are listed below:

360-Degree View of Donor

The better you understand your donors, the more successful your fundraising campaigns will be. Our fundraising software makes it possible to track every interaction, donation, engagement and more, all within a single system. As a result, it is easy to identify donors that are likely to engage with fundraising campaigns, as well as any donors that may need additional effort.

Personalised Donor Journeys

Having all the information in one place makes it effortless to establish action and segment-based donor journeys. These journeys take into account the donor’s interests, donation history, preferences, current engagement, and more to create a personalised path for each supporter. This makes it easier to precisely target fundraising campaigns, increasing the chances of fundraising success.

Automated Charity Workflows

Automate routine tasks, such as, welcome, follow-up, and thank you emails, ensuring timely and consistent communications with donors when it matters most, saving valuable time and enhancing donor experience.

Donor Engagement and Relationship Status Metrics

Is your organisation struggling to prioritise donors and missing out on fundraising opportunities as a result?  Our fundraising software utilises advanced engagement and relationship analytics. By leveraging these insights, your employees can proactively reach out to donors who may be losing interest in your cause, allowing you to take steps to re-engage them before it’s too late. Additionally, pinpoint donors who are ready to donate making your fundraising efforts more effective, and maximising the chances of securing contributions.

Explore other fundraising features

A fundraising software that manages everything end-to-end

Seamless integrations with payment applications

Having seamless integrations with payment applications, such as Sage Pay, is a key feature of our fundraising solution. These integrations enable a smooth and effortless connection between our platform and various payment services, making it easier for your organisation to handle donations and track funds accurately. 

Multi-channel fundraising

By leveraging a variety of platforms including email, events, text messages and others, our fundraising solution makes it possible to expand your reach, foster deeper engagement, and create personalised interactions, leading to more impactful fundraising outcomes.  

Our fundraising CRM solution streamlines this process by integrating all these channels into a single platform, facilitating the seamless execution of multi-channel campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fundraising CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is designed to help non-profit organisations and charities manage their fundraising efforts and donor relationships effectively. 

Fundraising is often just one key element that non-profits need to manage when it comes to their organisation. At Pragmatiq, we recognise this and our bespoke CRM option makes it possible to add many other features to the system, such as donor management, event management, volunteer management and more.

Yes, our software is designed at a bespoke level and can be seamlessly applied to organisations of various sizesWhether you are a small local charity or a large international organisation, our software can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. 

Due to the bespoke nature of our solutions, the features that can be added and altered are endless. Below are a few common requirements that we have come across within the charity sector: 

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