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Learn more about our project methodology for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform

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At Pragmatiq, we have developed our implementation methodology to be the perfect pairing to the technology we offer. Our tailored approach ensures the successful delivery of your Dynamics 365/Power Platform Solution and as a Microsoft Partner, we are committed to exceeding your expectations when delivering your business solution.

Our Implementation Methodology

Our Steps:

Discover the steps we take during our methodology process.

This is the scoping phase of a project, where we get under the skin of your business, understand your processes, what you are looking to achieve, and start to demonstrate how we can translate those requirements into an overall solution.

During scoping, our technical experts learn about your business to learn about your business, how it currently operates, and gain an understanding of what you are hoping to achieve (you can read more about this here). Scoping allows us to gain the knowledge needed to demonstrate how we can translate your requirements into an overall solution, prepare a project outline and provide accurate costs.

This is where we work with the client to formulate the project plan, set up our internal systems for managing the project and onboard the client. We then have a project kick-off meeting with the core project team to align on the methodology, the way of working and expectations throughout the process.

Each project is logically split up into workstreams that are treated independently. Workstreams follow an iterative process of Analysis & Design workshops (where detailed requirements are discussed and mapped out), Configuration & Customisation workshops (where we configure the solution based on requirements), and Solution Playback Reviews (where you review what we have configured). At the end of a stream is User Acceptance Testing and any outstanding tasks get added to the overall punchlist for the project.

In this phase, the end-to-end solution is reviewed and thoroughly tested. We also prepare training material and deliver the required training package (admin, super-user, end-user, etc).

We then proceed to Go-Live. Activities in this stage involve configuring the live system, migrating the solution, data migration. There is a hyper-care period defined, where we are on-hand to support with any issues during go-live.

Post Go-Live we provide a Managed Service Offering and a platform that handles everything from traditional help-desk support, user training, change requests, project management, technical consultancy and development work.

Remote Project Delivery

Our Delivery Model enables us to deliver any project requirements remotely, from Scoping through to Go-Live and beyond.

  • Manageable sessions – sessions are delivered in 1-2hrs, with a break of 2hrs between online workshops. This enables us to organise the participants more effectively and ensure individuals are only attending sessions relevant to them
  • Calls over video conference software i.e Microsoft Teams
  • AS-IS and TO-BE process will be mapped using software that can be viewed by all participants during the online sessions
  • Pragmatiq will remotely demo key elements of the system/technology related to the workshop topic

Why choose Pragmatiq?

There are lots of reasons we could give to answer the question “Why should you choose Pragmatiq?” however, below we detail three of the key things we believe make us stand out…

A consultative focus

We take technology out of the conversation initially; working closely together to understand the business, processes, challenges and what is trying to be achieved, so we are able to advise on the right solution. The customer’s business model is always our starting point and we are uncompromising in our approach to be more than just a ‘technology company’.

We are passionate and we care

We are passionate about what we do and head into work every day excited about working with our customers and what we can achieve. We recognise if you like what you do, you will do it better and deliver to a higher standard.

Simple language

Often IT resources cannot translate ‘technical jargon’ which is a common barrier. Our consultants are not only technically capable, but are able to identify business challenges and explain how they can be solved in simple language.

What some of our clients say...

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