Mental Health Management Software

Our Mental Health CRM streamlines patient records, correspondences, referrals, and more in one system, boosting both employee and volunteer efficiency as well as service quality.

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Key Benefits of our Mental Health Management Software

There are many challenges that mental health organisations may face within their organisation such as manual processes, expensive legacy systems, and much more. Our bespoke CRM Solution addresses these issues and more, offering an ideal choice for the industry.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Mental Health Organisations provides a stable platform that will grow with your organisation. Once implemented, customisation can be made quickly & easily, ensuring that the system grows with you and what you need.


Our CRM is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, making it a highly customisable and flexible system that can be tailored to fit your unique needs. Additionally, all D365 applications (Customer Service, Customer Voice, Sales, etc.) seamlessly integrate with each other giving one centralised system.


Leverage advanced automation capabilities to reduce manual, time-consuming processes across your organisation (such as sending surveys, referrals etc.), increasing productivity across the board.

Discounted Pricing

Microsoft provides discounted licensing for non-profit organisations (often 75% less). For more information about how these work please get in touch.

Enhanced Insight

Gain effortless insights into your shareholders around engagement, appointments, client history and more, at the click of a button.

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What some of our clients say...

Main Features of our Mental Health CRM

Stakeholder management

  • Track funders and referrers and manage engagement with them
  • 360-degree view of service user/client including all associated interactions, referrals, sessions, outcome
  •  Track connections between the client and external stakeholders (e.g., CCG, Local Authority, GP, Next of Kin)
  • Track client medication

Referral management

  • Create referrals manually or from website submissions directly by referrers
  • Track funding arrangements and decisions
  • Track initial assessments
Mental health crm system

Service Delivery/Episode Tracking

  • Sessions booked and attended
  • Discharge process

Outcome tracking

  • Utilising Customer Voice survey capability to send, capture, store and analyse Core 10 outcome measures
  • Automate the sending of core 10 on a regular basis
  • Analyse responses to identify trends for each client
Mental Health CRM system


  • Use Email and SMS templates to provide consistent interactions


  • Full feature mobile app, providing full solution features on mobile or tablet


  • Workload management dashboards to track daily tasks
  • Power BI management dashboard to provide insight into data captured
Mental Health Organisation dynamics 365 CRM

Example Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mental Health CRM Integration

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows businesses to manage all customer service activities from one application, delivering faster and more personalised support, that exceeds client expectations.


The Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook makes it easy to track and send communications, ensuring data is as up-to-date as possible.


Customer Voice

Mental health organisations can use Customer Voice, a feedback management tool, to create surveys and monitor responses. This simplifies the process of swiftly gathering feedback from volunteers, clients, and more.

What sets Pragmatiq apart?

Initially taking the technology out of the conversation, we work closely with you and your training business to understand processes, challenges and future goals. From this, we are able to advise you on the right solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. The customer’s business model is always our starting point and we are uncompromising in our approach to be more than just a ‘technology company’.

We are passionate about what we do and head into work every day excited about working with our customers and what we can achieve. We recognise if you like what you do, you will do it better and deliver to a higher standard.

Often IT resources cannot translate ‘technical jargon’ which is a common barrier. Our consultants are not only technically capable, but are able to identify business challenges and explain how they can be solved in simple language.

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