Microsoft Dynamics 365 Membership Management

Increase sales, operational efficiency, and member retention with a Custom Membership CRM Solution designed for professional bodies, associations, hubs, & more.

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Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Membership Organisations

360° View of Members

Centralise all information such as contact records, engagement history, preferences, etc., improving access to data.

Boost Member Acquisition

Monitor the acquisition of new members and leverage the system to identify, engage with, and keep a record of them.

Increase Member Retention

Create a seamless member experience with our CRM for Membership Management, boosting retention rates.

Enhance Member Satisfaction

Keep your members satisfied by creating personalised experiences and tailored offerings that work for them.

Automate Processes

Achieve more in less time by automating repetitive and resource-intensive tasks such as delivering renewal reminders.

Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time dashboards and reports make strategic decision-making easier than ever before.


Promote data consistency across the organisation and ensure everyone is working with up-to-date information.


D365 for Membership Management is designed at a bespoke level, tailored to fit your organisation’s specific requirements.

Features of D365 for Membership Organisation

Explore some of the functionality that could be a part of your membership system.
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When it comes to managing and tracking member data, it is not uncommon for membership organisations to rely on disparate systems and/or Excel spreadsheets. This can often lead to difficulties when employees try to access up-to-date data or other information required for day-to-day tasks. As a result, consistently engaging members and nurturing your audience becomes challenging, potentially endangering business continuity. 

Dynamics 365 for Membership Organisations solves all these challenges, enabling you to store all relevant information within a single solution, including:

  • Member Details (contact details, timeline, marketing preferences, notes, membership type, etc.)
  • Member Onboarding
  • Communications (Nurture campaigns, onboarding emails, renewal communications, offers, etc.)
  • Historical Transactions (Lifetime value, financial information, etc
  • Membership Type (Renewal date, engagement rate, etc.)

Explore more details about member management.

Elevate member experiences with trigger-based journeys, automated personalisation, engagement metrics, customer service management, etc., ensuring your members feel valued and boosting overall satisfaction.

Explore the features available for member engagement here.

Dynamics 365 for Membership Management has extensive automation capabilities, making it easy to streamline routine tasks such as renewal reminders, weekly news, and more, reducing administrative burdens, and allowing your teams to focus on more strategic activities.

Discover some of the automation for membership organisations available within our solution.

Custom dashboards and reports offer insights into critical metrics such as retention rates, new acquisitions, subscription payments, and more. This real-time data can support your organisation with informed decision-making that drives long term-success.

Furthermore, individual metrics highlight key engagement stats and identify members at risk, ensuring that efforts are focused on the right members at the right time.

Find out more about reporting for a membership organisation.

D365 Security 

Dynamics 365 for Membership Organisations supports a comprehensive security model, ensuring that your data is safe and secure. Security roles enable your organisation to give access to the data individuals need

D365 Integrations 

Dynamics 365 for Membership Management seamlessly integrates with Microsoft applications like Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, and Power BI, as well as third-party platforms such as Mailchimp, websites and more.

These easy integrations ensure that all relevant information is accessible within one system, reducing time spent searching for data and switching between applications.

As previously metioned the functionality available within your system is fully up to you. But other functionality that could be included covers everything from advanced email marketing, customer service case management, event management, and so much more.

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  • Client Success Stories within the Sector
  • Common FAQs
  • And More!
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Frequently Asked Questions

At Pragmatiq, every solution we build is tailored made to fit around the requirements of our clients. Because of this, the features that can be added and altered to your Membership CRM are endless. Below are a few common requirements that we have come across within the membership sector:

No, our solutions are tailored to fit around your unique needs and requirements and are then built on Dynamics 365. The above features are only examples of what the functionality within your system could look like.

We understand that over time, your organisation will grow and change, and your needs may shift; the beauty of a bespoke Membership CRM Solution is that it can be tailored even after implementation.

At Pragmatiq, we have a Managed Service offering, which allows us to support your business post-go-live.

As part of the Microsoft suite, D365 for Membership Organisations smoothly integrates with various Microsoft applications, including:

  • Outlook: Seamlessly manage emails within D365
  • Microsoft Teams: Collaborate and communicate with your team and clients directly from D365
  • Sharepoint: Access resources stored within SharePoint easily from within D365
  • Microsoft Power BI: Visualise your data in easy-to-read dashboards and report

At Pragmatiq, we have worked with a variety of clients across the membership sector, because of this, we understand the intricacies and challenges that you may be facing. This enables us to design a Membership CRM that provides you with the exact functionality you need.

In addition to this, we ensure to follow the following:

A consultative focus

Initially taking the technology out of the conversation, we work closely with you and your training business to understand processes, challenges and future goals. From this, we are able to advise you on the right solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. The customer’s business model is always our starting point and we are uncompromising in our approach to be more than just a ‘technology company’.

We are passionate and we care

We are passionate about what we do and head into work every day excited about working with our customers and what we can achieve. We recognise if you like what you do, you will do it better and deliver to a higher standard.

Simple language

Often IT resources cannot translate ‘technical jargon’ which is a common barrier. Our consultants are not only technically capable, but are able to identify business challenges and explain how they can be solved in simple language.

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