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In a world where members’ expectations are higher than ever and there is no shortage of choice, ensuring that your organisation is effectively engaging its members becomes crucial. 

Our Bespoke Membership CRM includes a suite of features dedicated to enhancing member engagement. While the capabilities within our systems are tailored to meet your specific needs, below are some examples of what is possible.

Boost member engagement with personalised communications

Organisations must deliver consistent personalised communications in order to successfully foster member engagement. Our solution makes personalisation quick and easy with the following features:

Automated Personlisation

Personalise your communications with dynamic text which is automatically replaced with recipients’ personal details when message is sent.

Trigger-based customer journeys

Create a dynamic membership experience that adapts to individual members’ behaviour with trigger-based journeys.

Conditional Content

Create content and offers that adjust depending on members’ age, group, location, profession, interests, etc.

Advanced Member Segmentation

Quickly create dynamic or static segments based on pre-determined criteria, making it easy to send communications to the right audience.

Real-time Insights

Easily spot trends, recognise opportunities, pinpoint dormant members and more, all of which ensure the correct resources are being used when interacting with members.

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What some of our clients say...

Foster Engagement right from the Start

Within the highly competitive membership sector, attracting new members and retaining them can be a challenge. As a result, organisations should strive to quickly nurture, and convert leads into active, engaged members. 

Our Engagement Solution equips your organisation with everything it needs to seamlessly convert leads into committed members. With features like opportunity tracking, pipeline management, and more, your team can effectively manage prospects and foster engagement right from the start. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our software is designed at a bespoke level and can be adapted to organisations of various sizes and can be customised to fit your specific needs.  

As our solutions are bespoke to an organisation, there are many features that can be included. Through our experience in the membership sector, there are several requirements that are commonly included:  

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