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When it comes to managing and tracking member data, it is not uncommon for membership organisations to rely on disparate systems and/or Excel spreadsheets. This can often lead to difficulties when employees try to access up-to-date stakeholder data or other information required for day-to-day tasks. As a result, consistently engaging members and nurturing your audience becomes challenging, potentially endangering business continuity. 

Our Bespoke Membership CRM solves these challenges enabling you to store all your member data within a single solution, allowing employees to increase productivity, efficiency and member satisfaction. A significant part of our solution revolves around member management, have a look below at what your system could look like.

A Comprehensive Overview of Each Member

Effortlessly capture all information regarding your members, including contact details, membership history, engagement rates, membership type, etc., within our member management software.

This centralised approach makes it easy for employees to get a complete overview of each member, enabling them to build a deeper understanding of their needs and preferences. As a result, your teams can better understand which actions will drive the most impact, while also increasing overall efficiency.

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Smart Segmentation and Views

Understanding members as individuals is important, and having the ability to quickly segment and filter members based on different criteria can help you understand your audience. This allows membership organisations to easily manage and communicate with various member segments, ensuring that interactions are appropriately targeted.

Our Member Management Solution simplifies this process with the following capabilities;


Easily create simple and complex segments (dynamic or static) that can be used to send campaigns, event invites, renewal reminders and more. Additionally, our system harnesses advanced Artificial Intelligence to suggest segments that could drive engagement and business success.


A view is a list of records (contact, account, lead, opportunity) depending on dedicated filtering criteria. Users can easily create and save both personal and system views, allowing them to sort and access the data they need with ease.

Securely Manage Member Data

Keeping your member’s data safe and secure is crucial to maintaining the trust and integrity of your organisation. Being able to define security roles and permissions within our solution ensures you can remain secure, providing users with access only to the appropriate data and functionality they need.

Security Example

A ‘Member Manager’ who is responsible for overseeing member data and adding new members to the system, would need to add and delete records. Whereas a ‘Renewal Officer’ that handles everything regarding renewals, might not require the same permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Member management is the process of overseeing the members of an organisation. This involves tasks such as collecting members information, managing members accounts, as well as offering personalised promotions and services. 


To effectively gather and manage member data, various membership organisations often decide to adopt a Membership Management CRM (Customer Relationship Management). By optimising the storage, tracking, and analysis of member information, this is a valuable tool that can streamline operations and enhance members’ acquisition, satisfaction and retention. 

Yes, our software is designed at a bespoke level and can be adapted to organisations of various sizes and can be customised to fit your specific needs.  

As our solutions are bespoke to an organisation, there are many features that can be included. Through our experience in the membership sector, there are several requirements that are commonly included: 

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