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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Scoping and why do we do it?

Jessica Compton,

June 16th, 2022

3 min read

As part of our ‘Implementation Blog Series’, we are sharing insights into the main stages of a Dynamics 365 Implementation. We have already covered ‘What can trigger a change in business processes and applications’ and ‘How to plan for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation’, so in this article we will be reviewing the Scoping process and what this means. Prior to providing a cost for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project, we undertake a scoping exercise. This allows us to precisely understand your business and what you are trying to achieve, so we can provide an accurate quote. Many technology partners will provide an upfront cost for a project based on a couple of initial conversations, which then creeps up further down the line. Scoping prevents this scenario, known as ‘Scope Creep’, as we are able to get under the skin of your business early on in the process.

Below are the key points to explain more in-depth what Scoping is and why we do it:

  • Detailed scoping will ensure we define an accurate scope and proposal (including costings), enhancing our ability to deliver on time and on budget
  • We can advise and guide to discover the ‘art of the possible’ for your organisation, as opposed to being an ‘order-taker’
  • We develop a deep understanding of your business, challenges and plans – ensuring the solution we propose is entirely tailored to your unique situation and objectives
  • You get the opportunity to experience how we work at Pragmatiq, our processes and our approach before making the decision to invest in a full project & partnership
  • Define a roadmap to support your business for initial implementation and future requirements.  This informs us as to how we architect and design the solution from Day 1
  • Gain an understanding of the user landscape, the access and functionality required, which will inform us upfront of what your licensing costs will be
  • Understanding and defining the Scope upfront, allows us to offer elements of a fixed-price costing model

Why work with Pragmatiq?

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts, we understand the difference that working with a trusted partner can make to the overall success of your Dynamics 365 implementation and we pride ourselves on our unique and successful methodology. Additionally, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning we hold the highest certification available to Microsoft Partners and is only attained by a small percentage of partners globally. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best service for clients, technical excellence and experience implementing successful projects across the Microsoft ecosystem.

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