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How is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training delivered?

Jessica Compton,

February 22nd, 2022

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At Pragmatiq, we follow our proven methodology to ensure we can deliver a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. Rolling out a new CRM system can feel like a huge task but in reality, the next step is often tougher – user adoption. It is natural for people to resist change and therefore training is an important step in any implementation process. Without a solid training foundation, your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution may not deliver its full potential and you could face challenges further down the line. Take a look below to discover more about the benefits of Dynamics 365 training, the different types of training we offer, and how we deliver it…

Benefits of Dynamics 365 User Training

Whether you require training as part of an implementation or you’re looking to upskill your current users, Microsoft Dynamics 365 training provides a wide range of benefits, such as improving user adoption and increasing your return on investment. By providing Dynamics 365 training, you increase user knowledge, ensuring users know how to leverage the features and functionality within your solution. For Super Users/Administrators, Dynamics 365 training can be provided specifically for their skill set, allowing them to support end-users within the business and onboard new team members. Our team produce written and practical training exercises which are completed throughout the sessions, enabling the users to get hands-on with their solution and apply their learnings.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Types

New Implementation

At Pragmatiq, training is an integral part of our implementation methodology. Our training is tailored to your specific requirements and can cover things such as working with the basic navigation, working with Dynamics in Outlook, training in specific applications such as Marketing, utilising the dashboards and reporting functionality, and more. We feel that training is fundamental to realising the potential of your new application and therefore we will work with you to ensure your training needs are met.


We recognise there are various roles within a business and bespoke training can often be required to suit these different positions; we provide specific role-based training that focuses on certain departments or users. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our trainers are experts and can provide extensive training to suit your needs.

Advanced/Super User

Our Advanced User training takes a ‘Train the Trainer’ approach to enable Super Users to upskill, so they can deliver the following within their organisation:

  • Onboard new users
  • Provide training
  • Provide basic support
  • Ensure the system is used as intended

Application Specific

Perhaps you are already using Dynamics 365 but are deploying an additional application such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. We can provide comprehensive training for any of the Dynamics 365 applications, whether it is being rolled out as your base solution or you’re adding it on further down the line.

Internal IT Team

Technical training is ideal for those organisations that have internal IT resources, dedicated to administering and customising D365. Examples of this would be:

  • Power Automate training to enable users to create automated workflows
  • Basic customisations for form and field changes
  • Onboarding and off-boarding new users including assigning security roles

New Features

Dynamics 365 users benefit from two major releases twice a year, known as ‘waves’, and regular feature updates are rolled out from Microsoft, ensuring your users are accessing the very latest version of the technology. To ensure you stay on top of the latest changes, we can provide training around the features that impact your business.

How we deliver Dynamics 365 Training

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can feel confident that you are working with a team that not only has an excellent level of expertise but also has your best interests at the core of the training delivered; this includes how we deliver your training. We do not ‘package’ our training delivery options but instead tailor them individually around your requirements.

One-to-One Training

This is individual training that is focused solely on the participant. This can be useful for an average user, whose position is developing into a role where system usage and understanding is becoming imperative, an advanced user who will then cascade their learnings down to the rest of the business and senior management which can also include basic configuration and customisation upskilling.

Group Training

For businesses with a large number of users of users spread across multiple locations, remote group training offers an efficient and cost-effective solution.


All of our training courses are tailored to your organisation and structured to suit the needs of your organisation from both an IT and Management perspective.

Remote Delivery

Our Delivery Model enables us to deliver all our training remotely. This is instructor-led and suits both one-to-one and larger groups, and is conducted in sessions over Microsoft Team.

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