British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT)

Pragmatiq worked with the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust to move away from manual, time-consuming processes, to a Bespoke CRM Solution that has improved overall efficiency across the organisation and provided a stable platform for future growth.

The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) commissions television programmes made in British Sign Language. The organisation was set up in 2008, with Ofcom’s approval, to offer an alternative way for commercial broadcasters to meet their regulatory requirements to provide sign language on their qualifying channels.

Previous Challenges

  • Previously operated with disparate systems and spreadsheets
  • Manual and time-consuming to get access to information needed day-to-day, which also impacted reporting capabilities
  • Lost hours through duplication of work, due to lack of connection between systems
  • Lack of automation across tasks; especially impactful in the case of expiring TV rights or contracts
  • Extensive admin time spent on managing emails between BSLBT and production companies
  • Heavily reliant on employee knowledge and expertise

The Solution

  • Designed and implemented a centralised database, using Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Customised the system to accommodate the core needs of BLSBT, such as Programme and Stakeholder Management, as well as accurately reflecting users’ day-to-day processes
  • Leveraged integrations with other products BSLBT already used, such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint
  • Established a dashboard reporting setup for each key role in the organisation, allowing management to get insights and interrogate data on a daily basis
  • A proactive system enabling BSLBT to track key interactions with production companies

The Benefits

  • Single source of information; overcoming the inconsistencies between the individual spreadsheets
  • Improved visibility and access to information
  • Reduced admin time and more focused employees
  • A customisable, stable platform for future growth
  • Enhanced insight through the reporting capabilities; BSLBT can get more control of their business operations and highlight both areas that need extra focus and improvement, as well as areas that are performing well

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