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Accurately tracking information and reporting on data, whether it is regarding donors, volunteers, KPIs and or other essential metrics, is vital for charities and can help facilitate informed strategic decision-making. Nevertheless, the reporting process can often be tedious and require significant time investments, therefore charities may look towards finding a tool that supports them with this process.

Dynamics 365 for Charities has advanced insights and reporting capabilities as part of the solution. Explore what some of these capabilities look like below:

Tailored Charity Dashboards and Reports

Our solution offers advanced insights and reports for charities, some of the benefits of these are:

Instant access to Key Metrics: Have all important information at your fingertips, simplifying the reporting process and saving valuable time.

Customised Dashboards: Dashboards can be designed from the ground up, meaning they display the most relevant information you wish to see.

Clear overview of Activities: Understand where your efforts are being used, and what interactions are taking place.

Automated Insights: Dashboards automatically update with the latest data stored within your system, ensuring that the information displayed is up to date.

Insights and reporting for charities in d365

Foster Strong Donor Relationships with Comprehensive Donor Tracking

Donors are a significant part of many charitable organisations’ operations, and effectively tracking donors can be the key to fundraising success. With the reporting capabilities in the system, you can access a wide variety of essential donor-related metrics, such as:

Donor Demographics

Gain valuable insights into your donors, including their location, age, income, and more, making it easy to segment donors into relevant groups.

Donor Retention Rate

Understand whether there is a positive or negative relationship between you and your donors by measuring how long donors continue to support your charity.

Donation Frequency

Understand the frequency of donations, making it easy to identify trends that may then influence the timing and planning of fundraising campaigns.

Donor Engagement

Track how engaged your donors are with your organisation and understand whether your engagement strategies are successful.

Create campaigns that drive success with real-time insights

  • Effortlessly monitor the performance of your fundraising, engagement, and nurture campaigns
  • Stay ahead of the curve by tracking crucial metrics, such as open rates, interactions, engagement levels, and more
  • Quickly understand the success of your campaigns, guaranteeing timely adjustments for optimal results
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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlock advanced charity insights with Power BI 

Looking to combine various data sources, and gain deeper insights? D365 seamlessly integrates with Power BI, an advanced data reporting and visualisation tool. This integration makes it easy to effectively interpret and display complex data in user-friendly dashboards and reports. 

Does Power BI sound of interest to you? Then please contact us, and our team will be happy to give you advice on the implementation. 

At Pragmatiq, every solution we build is tailored made to fit the requirements of our clients. Because of this, the features that can be added and altered to your Charity Solution are endless. Below are a few common requirements that we have come across within the membership sector:

At Pragmatiq, we have worked with a variety of clients across the charity and non-profit sector, because of this, we understand the intricacies and challenges that you may be facing. This enables us to design a charity CRM solution that provides you with the exact functionality you need.

In addition to this, we ensure to follow the following:

A consultative focus

Initially taking the technology out of the conversation, we work closely with you and your training business to understand processes, challenges and future goals. From this, we are able to advise you on the right solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. The customer’s business model is always our starting point and we are uncompromising in our approach to be more than just a ‘technology company’.

We are passionate and we care

We are passionate about what we do and head into work every day excited about working with our customers and what we can achieve. We recognise if you like what you do, you will do it better and deliver to a higher standard.

Simple language

Often IT resources cannot translate ‘technical jargon’ which is a common barrier. Our consultants are not only technically capable, but are able to identify business challenges and explain how they can be solved in simple language.

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