Discover how Pragmatiq implemented a Bespoke CRM Solution for MacIntyre, streamlining their operations and eliminating the need for disparate systems and cumbersome spreadsheets.

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MacIntyre are a national charity, providing learning, support and care for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities. The charities services range from employment, supported living, registered care and more.

Established in 1966, MacIntyre has grown to support people across the country and has recognised the need to implement a bespoke CRM solution to help them with their growth.

Previous Challenges

  • MacIntyre previously relied on disconnected systems such as Excel spreadsheets and email. Complex spreadsheets could only be accessed and understood by specific people in the organisation, hindering quick access to key information
  • Lack of centralised database for customers, stakeholders, and contracts complicated contract management and potentially led to missed opportunities for potential funding, donations, etc.
  • Internal communication and correspondence with stakeholders occurred via email, impacting productivity as key information was buried in lengthy email threads
  • As a national charity, MacIntyre receives referrals and applies for tenders across the country. This process was previously managed manually, and lacked tracking capabilities for status of referrals and deadlines. A lack of proactive reminders for upcoming renewals also led to time constraints and rushed completion of tasks
  • Cumbersome reporting process involved gathering data from multiple sources and compiling reports manually, wasting valuable hours each month
  • Challenging to gain a holistic overview of the organisation and lacked key insights for making strategic business decisions and forecasting; such as number of referrals, current contract values and vacancy management as a part of the charities ‘supported living’ service
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The Solution

  • Designed and implemented a Bespoke CRM Solution, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, to manage Sales and Business Development
  • Introduced leads and opportunity functionality to track all business development activities, increasing visibility and centralising information
  • Implemented integration between Outlook and Dynamics 365 for tracking email correspondence associated with opportunities
  • Introduced functionality to support tender management, enabling MacIntyre to track key stages, documents, deadlines, and sign-off points in the tender process
  • Reviewed MacIntyre’s Referral and Vacancy Management Process (part of their ‘supported living’ service) and implemented functionality to track vacant accommodation and referrals. This provided full visibility around gaps to be filled and a structured process to do so, alongside providing a focus for business development activities.
  • Implemented functionality to track current contracts and details with commissioning authorities, enabling revenue tracking across business areas
  • Implemented Power BI and created a management dashboard, providing visibility into leads, opportunities, contracts, vacancies, referrals, tenders, etc.
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The Benefits

  • Optimised referral and tender management: Dynamics 365 provides structured control over referral and tender processes, allowing MacIntyre to track stages, renewal dates, and follow-ups across the country.
  • Improved operational and process efficiency: Centralised data storage in Dynamics 365 increases visibility, streamlines operations, and reduces data duplication in spreadsheets.
  • Increased employee productivity: The leads and opportunities functionality within the CRM organises business development, prioritising tasks and integrating communication and files via Outlook and SharePoint, saving time and enhancing productivity.
  • Enhanced management decision-making: Implementation of Microsoft Power BI enhances reporting capabilities, providing real-time access to centralised data for informed decision-making without manual effort.
  • Enhanced data security: Customised security model in Dynamics 365 ensures confidentiality by restricting access to specific permissions, enhancing overall data security for MacIntyre.
Male helping young woman in wheelchair, hang the washing out

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