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New Features Coming Soon to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Jessica Compton,

March 18th, 2021

4 min read

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is a feedback management tool to create surveys and track responses. It is designed to provide a more complete view of relationships, enhance insights that will lead to better experiences and allow you to make more informed business decisions. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 2021 Release Wave 1 being rolled out next month (from 1st April 2021), we wanted to share our top 10 features that will be coming to Dynamics 365 Customer Voice soon…

Pause and resume survey

Survey respondents can partially fill in a long survey, pause it, and then resume later to complete it. This increases the chances that respondents will complete and submit the survey, as they understand they can do it in their own time with less pressure.

Survey reminders

Survey authors can check the status of a survey invitation and send email reminders to the recipients who have not yet responded. This improves response rates, which in turn allows you to make better business decisions.

Auto prefill answer

Auto prefill answer enables survey owners to prefill survey answer based on the survey respondent’s information from Azure Active Directory (for example, prefill a user’s email address when a question asks for email) or Dynamics 365 (for example, last product purchased by the customer).

Integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing Customer Journey

Survey authors can configure a follow-up action based on Dynamics 365 Customer Voice survey results in the Dynamics 365 Marketing customer journey.

Personalise survey

Survey authors can upload a .csv file with contact information and use any contact attribute to personalise survey questions and survey invitations. Changes to the contact information can be updated directly in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

Cascading question type

Cascading question enables survey owners to upload a list of related answers (such as country and city) and create questions that automatically filter the answer options based on a survey respondent’s previous answer. For example, if you select United Kingdom as an answer to a question about country, the next question shows only the list of UK cities.

Custom email address for survey invitation

Use a custom email address for survey invitations instead of the default Dynamics 365 Customer Voice email address. As a result, the survey feels more personal when received by a customer, for example.

Power Automate survey response trigger

This provides out-of-the-box survey response triggers for custom follow-up workflow actions. Whenever a survey response is received, a Microsoft Power Automate workflow will be triggered based on your criteria.

Custom survey header

Survey authors can configure the survey look and feel to match organisational branding, by customising the survey header. This will make the survey look more professional, aswell as provide trust to recipients. As your customers are more likely to open and respond if the questionnaire looks familiar, response rates should increase and in turn, provide your business with more data for decision-making.

Over-survey management

There is nothing more annoying that being sent a survey multiple times, spamming your inbox until you complete it. This new feature will prevent customers from getting too many surveys and create a better experience for respondents. Administrators can specify the time between sending surveys and any surveys sent during the specified time are stopped and the survey owner is warned for over-surveying risks. Following this warning, admins can then specify whether a survey owner can proceed with sending.

Customer Voice Demonstration

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