Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Empower your Marketing Team


Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides your business with all the features you need to execute successful marketing campaigns across multiple channels, create personalised customer journeys, gain a 360-degree view of your business, align your sales and marketing teams, generate better leads, improve marketing ROI, and more.

Additionally, Dynamics 365 Marketing works together with other applications in the Dynamics 365 suite, such as Dynamics 365 Sales, allowing teams to boost collaboration and ensure that no sales opportunity is wasted.

Key benefits of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Personalise the customer journey

Create personalised and targeted interactions to nurture customers through their journey

Understand your customer base

Use the comprehensive sales and marketing data to build a 360-degree view of your customers, understand their behaviour and identify new opportunities

Improve collaboration

Align your sales and marketing teams by sharing data, insights, content and more, to support sales activities and identify top prospects

Dynamics 365 Marketing Features

  • Marketing automation capabilities that is suited for companies that need more than basic email marketing
  • Customer journey orchestration capabilities enable businesses to create hyper-personalised, AI-assisted, real-time journeys to engage with customers. Create nurture campaigns that suite your audience, and prompt certain actions in response to desired behaviours
  • Drag-and-drop content designer makes delivering email marketing campaigns simple and quick. The solution comes with over 50 pre-built templates that can be customised and personalised, ensuring that all emails remain consistent and professional
  • Create effective landing pages that convert prospects using the same drag-and-drop interface as the email creator
  • Execute coordinated marketing campaigns across a combination of channels. From email through to in-store, and everything in-between
  • Leverage lead-scoring models to identify the prospects which are ready to pass on to the sales team
  • Built-in event management functionality to supporting the organisation, management and promotion of events, whether they are in-person or online. Ensure that all the key information about your event is stored in one centralised place so your whole team can collaborate more easily
  • Integrations between Teams and Dynamics 365 allow users to setup, promote and report on events hosted on Microsoft Teams
  • Built-in dashboards to present metrics, views, and insights across your campaigns, providing you with a deep understanding of your marketing performance
  • Gain real-time insights and develop a deeper understanding of your market with a 360-degree view of every lead and customer. Use this to make smarter decisions for future campaigns and improve your success rate

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