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Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Integration – Key Features

Jessica Compton,

May 12th, 2021

4 min read

Over the coming months, Microsoft will start rolling out the new integration features between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365, which were announced earlier this year at the Ignite 2021 conference. Below, we have detailed the new capabilities coming to Teams and Dynamics 365…

Dynamics 365 Sales & Microsoft Teams

  • New sales pipeline workspace means sales professionals can easily navigate their pipeline, drill into individual deals, and use embedded Teams chat to collaborate with colleagues and progress opportunities.

  • New Teams call dialler that lets sellers contact customers without switching screens. The call panel will also display real-time transcriptions of conversations with business-critical phrases and suggested actions highlighted and offers a note-taking tool connected to the sales records. After the call, a summary with follow-up actions and call sentiment analysis is then created.

  • New Dynamics 365 Sales Panel in Teams meetings allows you to join scheduled Teams calls from the Dynamics 365 Sales workspace, Outlook or Teams. Employees can use a new Dynamics panel alongside chat, presenting and other regular Teams controls. Captured notes, recordings and transcriptions with added conversation insights will automatically be saved back in Dynamics when the call ends.

  • Updated capabilities to find, view and update Dynamics 365 Sales records within a Teams channel. This enables members to access and collaborate on pinned Dynamics 365 opportunities, leads, accounts or contact records within conversation flows.

Dynamics 365 Marketing & Microsoft Teams

  • Users will be able to set up, promote, and report on events hosted on Teams from within Dynamics 365 Marketing.

  • From the teams app, marketers can follow up with participants, with the ability to export attendee information to Dynamics 365 Marketing to view customer segments based on audience attendance, and coordinate future communications.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service & Microsoft Teams

  • Users can easily collaborate with anyone within the organisation such as users from other departments, supervisors, customer service peers, or support experts to resolve customer issues, without leaving the conversation. Chats will be linked directly to Customer Service records, enabling a contextual experience.

Ultimately, these new features will bring Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 closer together to enable businesses to collaborate far more efficiently.

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