Benefits of integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 Sales

Want to improve how your sales team identifies and targets better prospects? The LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales integration provides a solution that enables your sales team to gain a 360-degree of prospects, by leveraging data and insights across both platforms.  

By gathering data and sharing the information across systems (CRM, social networks, Microsoft 365, etc.) your sales team can get a better understanding of where prospects are, how best to connect, and who is best to build the relationship with.  

Highlights of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with LinkedIn

Embedded Profiles in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Directly view live and up-to-date Sales Navigator information against records (leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities) within Dynamics 365 Sales. Having access to synchronised data in one place reduces the need to switch applications to find what you are after, saves time sifting through relevant data, and enables you to dedicate more to relationship-building activities. 

LinkedIn sales navigator embedded profile

Log activities

Log Sales Navigator activities such as InMails and messages within Dynamics 365 Sales. Additionally, Smart Links allow LinkedIn Sales Navigator users to share content (e.g. pitch decks, product overviews, etc) with customers and prospects. When the recipient accesses the content, the sender will be notified via email and the tracked ‘view’ will also be visible on the contact record in Dynamics 365, if there is a matched contact in Dynamics 365. This will show as a ‘PointDrive Presentation Viewed’ activity, for example. This data can also be viewed within Sales Navigator, so salespeople can gain an enhanced view of clients and prospects, from anywhere.  

Activity logging in linkedIn sales navigator

Identify new prospects 

Easily identify new prospects by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced search filters and then save the contact record directly to Dynamics 365, with just a click of a button. Data is automatically cross referenced, and an alert is shown if contact/account already exists. Users can then make the choice as to whether data should be added, linked, or deleted.  

Additionally, data from D365 Sales can be used to filter your search in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. For example, when researching prospects, exclude any contacts that already exist within your system.  

Prospect view in LinkedIn Sales navigator

Data validation

Use data from LinkedIn to automatically flag when CRM contacts change jobs, and be notified via assistant cards in CRM. This data can be useful to identify new opportunities, or understand where opportunities may be at risk.  

data in microsoft dynamics 365

Visualise an organisation

Sales Navigator pulls together a visualisation of an organisation chart related to opportunities, based on LinkedIn profiles. This allows salespeople to easily identify and target key decision makers and other important relationships.  

Organisation chart in dynamics 365

Find colleagues who can introduce you

When a mutual connection introduces you to a sales prospect (warm introduction), it is far more powerful than introducing yourself, as you’ve already gained a potential client’s trust by association. Within Dynamics 365, you can easily find colleagues who can provide an introduction, based on LinkedIn connections. 

Sales Navigator within Dynamic 365


The benefits of integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 become clear from the points above. If you want to know more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and how we can help you, please get in touch by emailing us at, or call us on 01908 038110. Alternatively, fill out the form below.

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