Will we need separate systems for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, etc?

Jessica Sheridan, Marketing Manager

January 20th, 2021

2 min read

One of the common problems within businesses before they implement a solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365, is that they have multiple disparate systems that are not connected and therefore lead to duplicate data, inefficient processes and a poor user experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a range of connected applications which support businesses in their efforts to improve their end-to-end processes and customer relationship management. SalesMarketing and Customer Service applications form the foundations of this, additionally, Field ServiceProject Operations and Business Central are also available.

One of the many benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365, is that due to the connected nature of the applications, you can either choose a stand-alone application to suit the needs of your business, or leverage multiple applications that work together as a powerful integrated solution. Additionally, due to the bespoke, scalable nature of Dynamics 365, each of the applications can be adapted around your individual requirements and evolve over time.

You shouldn’t see Dynamics 365 as ‘separate’ systems for sales, marketing, customer service, etc. Instead of seeing Dynamics 365 as a suite of applications to support each business area, which are seamlessly integrated.

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