Use Experlogix + Docusign with Dynamics 365 to automatically generate, send and receive signed documents

E-signatures have become a more secure and sustainable choice within organisations, being legally recognised in most countries and designed to improve operational efficiency. Having these embedded into an automatically generated document and sent out to clients, means companies can greatly benefit from reducing administration time. This saves time that was previously spent manually creating reports and having to send physical letters to customers. 

Experlogix (formerly Xpertdoc) is a powerful document generation software that can be seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allows organisations to build dynamic and compelling document templates leveraging Microsoft Word’s functionalities, facilitating the management and storage of virtual assets such as documents, forms and images.  

To take this a step further, Dynamics 365 can also be integrated with Docusign, to automatically send the documents generated by Experlogix, to an unlimited number of recipients. Documents can then be signed and electronically sent back. This is a hassle-free method that minimises administration times and improves customer relationships.

DocuSign Integration with Dynamics 365

Benefits of using Experlogix and Docusign: 

  • Automated document processes that eliminate delays and manual input 
  • Ensure document quality and accuracy 
  • Conditional data (lists, values, calculations, etc.) pulled from Dynamics records that can display different outputs and formatting based on custom rules  
  • Possibility of generating documents and sending them for signatures to customers without any user input

DocuSign and Experlogix example

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