Pragmatiq win gold in ‘Service Excellence’ at The SME MK & Buckinghamshire Awards 2024

Jessica Sheridan, Marketing Manager

July 2nd, 2024

3 min read

Pragmatiq is delighted to be crowned the winner of the SME MK & Buckinghamshire ‘Service Excellence’ award.

The SME Awards recognise the contributions of businesses across the MK & Buckinghamshire area, celebrating the successes of the top companies in the region. We were also proud to win Silver in the ‘Employer of the Year’ category this year, highlighting our work to foster a supportive, inclusive and rewarding workplace.

Delivering excellent service has also been important to us, aligning with one of the core values at Pragmatiq. We are delighted to have gained this recognition and wanted to share some of the areas that the judges assessed in our application, ultimately winning the award:

How we ensure service excellence

Proactive Communication

We believe in transparent and proactive communication with our clients. From scoping to project completion, we keep our clients informed and engaged, providing regular updates and actively seeking feedback throughout the process.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We have a range of satisfaction surveys sent at different stages of the client journey. This allows us to systematically collect feedback and provide a platform for clients to express any thoughts.

Staff Training

Our staff have regular training, covering technical subjects and essential soft skills, including effective meeting management, empathy, and problem-solving. We pride ourselves on our approach to training and development, and have several things in place:

  • Dedicated weekly education hours across the business
  • Regular reviews to check in with each person and help to better understand individual training needs, and support professional development
  • Up to £1,000 worth of training and certifications paid per year, helping staff to obtain Microsoft certifications

Dedicated Account Management & Meetings

We have regular Account Management meetings with clients, to discuss strategy, address concerns, and plan future system roadmaps, ensuring clients are gaining real value from the technology.

Staff Engagement

We believe that engaged and inspired staff are key to delivering excellent service. That’s why we invest in our employees and foster a positive culture, from providing an outstanding workplace to hosting staff events. We also offer quarterly rewards based on performance, adherence to our values, and other notable contributions.

Refined our Project Methodology

Over the past year, we have refined our project methodology, increasing touchpoints and feedback throughout the process. This has resulted in smoother project execution and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Winning this award wouldn’t be without the dedication and hard work the Pragmatiq team puts in every day. We also extend a special thank you to our clients for their valuable feedback and reviews, that contributed to this recognition.

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