Boost sales productivity, build stronger relationships and more with the Dynamics 365 Sales Application

Businesses often question whether a CRM solution is worth it. However, the need for a solution often becomes stronger as a business grows, and keeping track of all customer information becomes increasingly difficult. Within sales teams, this can lead to miscommunication, wasted time, declining customer relationships and more.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Application supports your sales teams, providing a solution that can store customer data, manage client relationships, automate processes, and plenty more; all from a centralised solution. Additionally, Pragmatiq can customise the solution to fit around your specific business needs, given the bespoke nature of the Dynamics platform.

Within this blog, we explore the benefits of the solution in more depth…

The Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales Application

Build Stronger Relationships

  • Store all information that is relevant to a customer or prospect, such as basic contact information, notes, emails, calls, communication preferences, and more, in one place
  • MS Dynamics 365 Sales has built-in lead scoring capabilities that allow you to identify those customers who are ready to purchase and therefore increase conversions and win rates
  • See at a glance how every lead and opportunity is performing, understand where to focus resources, and plan next steps
  • Embedded insight functionality recommends personalised talking points allowing you to tailor engagements to strengthen relationships further
  • The Dynamics 365 Sales CRM reveals customer relationship health and identifies those at risk, allowing you to target specific customers
  • Use embedded LinkedIn Sales Navigator to establish new connections, drive personalised communications, and manage relationships at scale
  • Included with a Sales Enterprise license, businesses can leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to better understand their client base
Relationship management in CRM

Boost Sales Productivity

  • Tools such as Outlook, Excel and SharePoint work seamlessly with MS Dynamics 365 Sales which helps increase productivity
  • The Dynamics 365 Sales Application is a cloud-based solution that you can access via app either on your smartphone, tablet, or web browser. This functionality supports work on the go and allows users to manage their customers from anywhere
  • Dynamics 365 Sales integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams allowing for increased ability to collaborate through virtual meetings and chat functionality
  • Sales pipeline workspace allows sales professionals to easily navigate their pipeline and drill into individual deals
CRM system showing contacts boosting sales productivity

Accelerate Sales Performance

  • Interactive dashboards and reports based on data within MS Dynamics 365 Sales allow users to easily identify issues and trends enabling them to stay on top of their prospects
  • Functionality to motivate your sales team with fun team-based sales contests,  helping improve sales performance and accountability
  • Presence of conversation intelligence, which automatically extracts actionable insights, such as customer sentiment, next steps and actions, directly from an ongoing sales call
Interactive sales dashboard increasing sales performance

Enhance team collaboration

  • All data is updated in real time, ensuring information used is accurate and relevant
  • Cloud-based system provides users with the ability to access the system at any time and from anywhere
  • Decrease team miscommunication by ensuring that all necessary users have access to client data
  • MS Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Teams integration makes it easy to share meetings, notes, documents and more
  • Automatically track emails to Sales CRM records such as accounts, contacts and opportunities, to ensure all communication is stored in one place
Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams integration

Work Smarter

  • Leverage AI data analytics and insights with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights add-on
  • Connect the Sales application with Dynamics 365 Marketing to enable better-qualified leads and ensure a connected experience across the customer journey
  • Embed Power BI dashboards within Dynamics 365 Sales Application to enhance the existing reporting capabilities
  • Dedicated sales mobile app that allows salespeople to access and update information, wherever they might be
New Dynamics 365 sales mobile experience

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