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Manage Opportunities in Kanban View – Dynamics 365 for Sales

Jessica Sheridan, Marketing Manager

May 4th, 2022

5 min read

As part of the 2020 Wave 1 Release, Microsoft announced that opportunities can be viewed in the new ‘Kanban view’ within Dynamics 365 for Sales. This new feature aims to help sellers improve productivity, keep better tabs on the sales pipeline and move opportunities to the next stage more efficiently.  The Kanban view shows the opportunities as cards (as seen in the image below) and each column represents the business process flow stages. The column in which the opportunity card sits within, demonstrates where in the process, the opportunities are. To move an opportunity to the next stage, users can simply drag the card into a different column. 

To open the Kanban View:

1. Open ‘Opportunities’ from the site map 

2. On the command bar, select the vertical dots icon (see image below) and click Show As > Kanban. 

Viewing Opportunities:

Opportunities can be viewed either by status, or by the business process flow stage (default view), but you can switch between the views from the drop-down list: 

In the status-based view, opportunities are classified columns representing their status: Open, Won, or Lost. 

You might notice there is a scroll bar, and a number ‘5/5’ at the top of the card showing the count of how many opportunity cards there are within that column. At any given point, only the first 10 cards will be shown in any column, so if there are additional cards, then you will need to scroll down to see them.   To move the opportunity to the next status, simply drag and drop the card in the desired column: 

The Opportunity Close dialog box will then appear, so just fill out the required information and close.

There are a few more points to note when it comes to the Kanban View: 

– Selecting the card title opens the main Opportunity form in a pop-up window. This also occurs when the card is moved across the business process flow stages: Qualify, Develop, Propose, Close. Upon closing the Main form, the Kanban view is refreshed and up-to-date information is displayed. 

– The cards are editable inline so you can quickly amend details for the three fields displayed from within the column. 

– You can use the ‘Search’ box to filter the cards based on the search criteria. For example, if you wanted to view opportunities with the term ‘Interested’, you could search that term and the Kanban view will show the relevant cards. 

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