5 Examples of Charity Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is one of the tools within the Power Platform that enables businesses to build custom apps, to accommodate your specific needs or solve your problems when you cannot find a suitable off-the-shelf solution. The ‘low-code’ approach that is consistent across the platform, means that the time to develop an application is much faster than traditional app development, and also more cost-effective. 

The apps are designed to be accessed across mobile/tablet devices or a web-based browser, ensuring that users can easily gain access wherever they are.  For charities and non-profit organisations, there are several ways in which Power Apps can support and we have included a few examples below… 

Volunteer and Resource Management

Different events or tasks may require specific skills or experience, so assigning the correct personnel to a role is crucial to get right. In a growing organisation, keeping on top of this can be a challenge.  A Volunteer and Resource Management app allows you to: 

  • Track personnel availability 
  • Assign tasks/events to teams 
  • Track skills/experience e.g. first aid trained 
  • Attach event/task information documentation  
  • Volunteers can accept or decline 

Event Management

Charities and Non-Profit organisations often host fundraising events and the administration around this can be time-consuming. By implementing an Event Management app users can: 

  • Manage registration and planning 
  • Track attendance 
  • Upload relevant documentation
  • Schedule sessions or activities within the event 
  • Add future events

Asset Management

If volunteers or team members are working across multiple locations or events, monitoring equipment and assets can become stressful and complicated. An asset management app allows you to: 

  • Manage inventory of assets across the organisation
  • Monitor the location of equipment 
  • Provide asset check-out  
  • Manage ordering of new supplies 

Expense Approvals

An expense approval process can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of volunteers or team members. By creating an app to solve this challenge users can: 

  • Log and review expense claims 
  • Management can approve or decline claims quickly 
  • Users can upload imagines of receipts 
  • Users can monitor pending claims 
  • Review expense history  
person working for non profit using power app

Supporter Portal

Power Apps Portals enables businesses to create low-code, responsive, personalised websites that allow users (both internal and external) to interact with selective Dynamics 365 data and capabilities.  For a charity, a portal could be created that enables supporters to manage their donations, keep up to date with charity news, register for upcoming events, and more.  

Find out more about Portals here. 

Charity Power Apps Licensing

Charities and Non-Profit Organisations can be eligible to receive discounted Microsoft licensing and pricing across applications including Power AppsDiscover more about licensing costs here. 

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