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In the fast-paced landscape of modern business, organisations continuously strive to be at the forefront of the competition. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications across sales, marketing, customer service, and more that help drive productivity and streamline operations.

We have pulled together 12 key features of Dynamics 365, have a look at what they are below.

1) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Co-Pilot: Elevating Efficiency with AI

Co-Pilot, Microsoft’s AI assistant, has recently been introduced across Dynamics 365, bringing with it a host of capabilities including:

  • Co-Pilot in D365 Sales, supports sellers by streamlining sales processes and reducing manual tasks, giving you time to focus on your customers.
  • Co-Pilot in D365 Customer Insights (Marketing) automates the creation of customer segments and journeys, while also assisting with content ideas, driving personalisation.
  • Co-Pilot in D365 Customer Service, creates tailored responses to queries, provides case summaries, and more, making it easier than ever to provide smooth customer service.

All in all, Co-Pilot in Dynamics 365 supports employees with various tasks, enabling them to streamline their processes and use resources more efficiently.

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2) Unified Interface (UI): A Seamless Cross-Device Experience

The Unified Interface optimises viewing and adapts dynamically across Desktop, Mobile and Tablet, providing users with a seamless experience while using the solution. This optimisation not only simplifies application usage but also guarantees that users can access the system from various devices, increasing accessibility and productivity.

dynamics 365 unified interface across devices

3) Customisable CRM: Tailoring Solutions to Your Business

Microsoft recognises that many organisations have requirements that do not fit into the one-size-fits-all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach. Dynamics 365 is fully customisable, ensuring that your solution aligns perfectly with your needs and requirements.

Having a custom-built CRM comes with many key benefits vs. an off the shelf model – why not check out our ‘Bespoke CRM vs off-the-shelf software’ comparison?

4) Continuous Assistance: Your in-App Support

Empower your business with D365’s Assistant – a feature that summarises your daily actions and communications completed or waiting regarding your customer base. Information is displayed using easy to read action cards, providing users with a clear understanding of what is happening across your business.

Ultimately, this feature provides you with a manager and assistant rolled into one, enhancing operational efficiency.

Snapshot of the Microsoft Assistant

5) Unmatched Insights and Reporting: Comprehensive View for Informed Decision Making

Customer Insights

The customer insights dashboard, available within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Data, makes it easy to gain a clear overview of your customers in seconds. Discover customers behaviours, trends, transactions, engagement and more. With this clear overview of your customers it is easier than ever to make informed decisions regarding customer relationships, driving customer satisfaction and growth in the long run.


Additionally, Dynamics 365 users have the ability to create bespoke dashboards that are tailored to meet your specific data analysis needs. These custom dashboards can encompass a wide range of insights, such as KPIs, sales trends, employee statistics, and more.

Need more in-depth reporting capabilities? Don’t worry Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with Power BI, Microsoft’s advanced data analysis tool. Find out more by exploring our blog on the  ‘Top 10 Tips for Designing Power BI Dashboards’.

6) Cloud Licensing: Simplifying your Payment Structure

Cloud Licenses are used to give you access to different Dynamic 365 solutions including but not limited to:

This adaptable approach ensures not only cost-effectiveness but scalability, providing a transparent payment structure that allows organisations to pay only for the functionality they need and nothing more.

7) Future Proof: Keeping your Software up to Date

Microsoft continuously updates and improves Dynamics 365 these updates ensure that the systems not only remains cutting-edge but can also quickly adapt to changes in the tech industry. Organisations using Dynamics 365 can therefore trust that their system will be future-proof and grow with their business.

8) Seamless Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As part of the Microsoft ecosystem, it comes as no surprise that Dynamics 365 integrates effortlessly with other Microsoft applications such as:

  • Outlook
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Micosoft365

These integrations can be of huge help helping employees work from within one unified solution, streamlining processes and centralising data.

9) Protecting your Data: Advanced Security for Peace of Mind

As a business, it is vital to protect the data stored within your CRM and avoid potential data breaches from both internal and external threats. Dynamic 365 prioritises protecting your data through advanced security features and accessibility rules, ensuring that you can trust that your data is safe.

10) Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime: Flexibility in Operation

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution allowing you to access your data anywhere, at anytime. Whether you are online or offline, across any device, your employees can access the data they need in seconds, leading to agile operations, swift customer service, and increased productivity.

11) Optimised Pipeline View: Unlocking Sales Success

The pipeline view is a notable feature part of Dynamics 365 and comes with a multitude of advantages. The most notable one: being able to effortlessly gain an intuitive view of all opportunities with a simple click. This feature therefore allows sales agents to swiftly identify where sales efforts should be allocated, increasing the likelihood of success.View of the Sales Pipeline Dashboard

12) Business Process Flows: Streamlining Operations for Efficiency

Business Process Flows provide detailed visualisations of business flows and processes, in a user-friendly format.

In Dynamics 365, this feature is often presented as a progress bar at the top of a record, clearly showing the stages involved within the business process. For example, an organisation may have a sales process, involving four stages qualify, develop, propose, close. Users must complete various steps within each stage and cannot move forward before these are completed. This ensures that processes are standardised across an organisation, reducing mistakes and miscommunications.

To find out more read out blog on Business Process Flows.model driven app business process flow

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