Comparing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Licenses

Amelie Streller, Senior Marketing Executive

January 4th, 2024

6 min read

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Service has various licensing options available: professional, enterprise and add-in options. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we understand that selecting the right licenses can be difficult. This blog will cover the features, costs, and best use of each license, making it easy to understand which one would be best suited to your business.

*The cost of licenses is subject to change; these prices were last updated on the 03/01/2024

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Licenses – Quick Overview

D365 Customer Service Professional

Cost: £41.10 per user/month

Key features:

  • Unlimited named users
  • Case management
  • Knowledge management
  • Customer service hub
  • Mobile application
  • Microsoft 365 integration

Best suited for organisations looking for basic customer service functionality.

D365 Customer Service Enterprise

Cost: £78.10 per user/month

Key features (same as customer service professional plus):

  • Customer service portal
  • Multisession support
  • Unified routing
  • Customer service insights
  • Embedded intelligence
  • Service desk

Best for organisations with more complex customer service needs.

Customer Service Add-ins

Add-ins are available to purchase for customer service enterprise users only and can include:

  • Digital Messaging and Voice Add-in: £74 per user/month
  • Voice Channel Add-in: £61.60 per user/month
  • Digital Messaging Add-in: £61.60 per user/month
  • Chat Add-in: £49.30 per user/month

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional

The Customer Service Professional license is the first-tier license available within D365 Customer Service and is aimed at supporting organisations with standard customer service functionality.


£41.10 per user/month

Features of D365 Customer Service Professional:

  • Unlimited named users
  • Case management
  • Knowledge management
  • Mobile application
  • Leads (creation only)
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Customer service hub
  • Accounts, activities, announcements, and contacts
  • Entitlements and products
  • Notes
  • Personal views
  • Search and advanced find

Limited customisation capability including:

  • Create up to 15 custom tables
  • Create up to 5 business process flows
  • Create up to 5 dashboards
  • Create up to 2 forms or views per table
  • Configure up to 15 queues

Who is it for?

We recommend this license to organisations with less complex customer service offerings. It is great for organisations transitioning from disparate data and manual processes to a centralised system. This enables customer service to become more efficient, leading to high customer satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise

The second licensing option available is the Customer Service Enterprise license. This provides users with more complex customer sales capabilities and customisations, making it possible to tailor the solution more to your organisation’s unique needs and requirements.


£78.10 per user/month

The functionality for this license is the same as the professional one, plus:

  • Unified service desk
  • Embedded intelligence
  • Context-driven suggestions
  • Analytics and KPI reporting
  • Unified routing
  • Multisession support
  • Customer portal
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
  • Dynamics 365 Mobile offline capabilities
  • Schedule and dispatch services
  • Define and configure teams and business units
  • Facilities/equipment
  • Product hierarchies and product relationships

Comprehensive customisation capabilities, including:

  • Write access to all standard and custom tables
  • Assign records to teams as well as users
  • Create unlimited business process flows
  • Create unlimited dashboards, reports and charts
  • Create unlimited forms or views per table
  • Configure unlimited queues

Who is it for?

The sales enterprise license is best suited to organisations that want more than just core customer service functionality; it is for an organisation that is looking to gain seamless support throughout all stages of customer support.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Add-ins

On top of the functionality mentioned above organisations holding the Dynamics 365 Customer Service enterprise licenses, can purchase additional add ins. Organisations can decide how many add-ins and what add-ins from the following options:

Chat for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Cost: £49.30

Engage with your customers in real-time and provide personalised service through the live chat add-in.

Voice Channel for Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Cost: £61.60

The voice channel makes it possible for customer service agents to receive and make public phone calls, including video calls. Additionally, real-time call features such as live call transcription, sentiment analysis, and AI-based suggestions make it easier than ever for customer service agents to provide the support your customers need quickly.

Digital messaging for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Cost: £61.60

Engage with your customers through digital messaging channels such as SMS, social channels, and custom messaging channels with the digital messaging add-in.

Digital messaging and voice for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Cost: £74

Ensure that customer service agents can engage with customers however they prefer, across voice, digital channels, and chat.

Dynamics 365 Team Member

Microsoft recognises that most organisations have a set of users who require limited access to the customer service application; however, these users do not need the full user capabilities that the professional and enterprise licenses give. A Dynamics 365 Team Member license makes this possible. With this option, users have full read-only access across the application; however, the actions they can take are limited.


£6.60 per user/month

Features of Dynamics 365 Team Member:

  • Read all data
  • Search knowledge base
  • Interact with customer agents through the commenting feature
  • Export data to Excel
  • Create and save personal views
  • Add or remove a connection (stakeholder, sales team) for an account or contact
  • Update project task status

Restricted customisation capability, including:

  • Create, read, update and delete contacts, activities, and notes
  • Access Team Member model-driven apps only
  • Create and modify up to 15 additional tables
  • Update their own employee information

For more information on Team Member licensing – Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dynamics 365 Customer Service Licenses

What are the licensing rules for D365 Customer Service?

As the Professional and Enterprise licenses offer different capabilities it is not possible to have both in the same environment. Additionally, add-ins can only be purchased in addition to the enterprise license, not the professional one.

Can we migrate from Customer Service Professional to Customer Service Enterprise?

If at any point your organisation requires more advanced customer service capabilities, it is easy to upgrade to the Dynamics 365 Customer Service enterprise option.

Is there a limit to user numbers in Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

There is no limit to how many Dynamics 365 Customer Service license an organisation can buy.

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