New features coming to Dynamics 365 Sales in April, May and June

Amelie Streller,

May 11th, 2023

5 min read

Throughout the year Microsoft releases new capabilities for the Dynamics 365 applications in what is known as a ‘Wave Release’. Amongst these applications is Dynamics 365 Sales, which has some exciting new features rolling out over the next few months. Within the following blog, we uncover some of the exciting things coming to D365 Sales this year. 

New opportunity view

Availability: April 2023 

The new opportunity view enables sellers to gain a quick overview of the pipeline, making it easier than ever before to manage opportunities.  

Sellers will be able to: 

  • Personalise their view of the opportunity space 
  • Create notes and tasks directly from the opportunity view 
  • See important KPIs at a single glance 
  • Edit data using an editable grid and side-panel 

D365 Sales administrators will be able to: 

  • Configure the charts displayed within the opportunity view 
  • Customise the side panels 
  • Add their own support for business rules 

Create multiple forecasts for different business units

Availability: June 2023 

Understanding the overall performance of an organisation is vital, but it is equally important to evaluate the effectiveness of individual teams.  

It is now possible to configure multiple forecasts for various business units, enabling managers to have a clear view of which teams are performing, where resources need to be allocated and where a change in strategy may be necessary.  

Individual users can also benefit from these forecasts, providing them with a broad overview of their teams performance, and highlighting how the they are personally contributing to the overall targets. 

Lastly, it should be mentioned that forecasts can be restricted to only be accessible to specific teams, ensuring that only necessary users can see the information. 

Communicate via SMS conversation

Availability: April 2023 

Building strong customer relationships is essential for winning new customers and retaining current clients. In recent years, an increasing number of customers have expressed a preference for digital communications, with SMS emerging as one of the preferred channels. 

This new feature allows sellers to interact with customers using SMS during the sales process, helping to nurture and build better relationships. 

Feature highlights: 

  1. Assign Specific Phone Numbers: Administrators can allocate specific phone numbers to individual users or teams, enabling personalised SMS communications 
  2. Send and receive SMS from Sales records: Sellers have the ability to send and receive SMS directly from all relevant D365 sales entity forms. This streamlines communications and ensures that all interactions are documented. 
  3. Real-time SMS notifications: Users will be able to receive immediate notifications whenever an SMS is sent. This supports sellers with replying in a timely manner, ensuring that clients have a seamless customer experience. 


Improve your sales sequences with insights and A/B testing

Sales sequences are a series of steps that outline the optimal path for sellers to follow, in order to achieve different customer outcomes. There are already various capabilities within D365 Sales that allow users to build and automate the best possible sales sequences. However, these two new features will further improve the effectiveness of these. 

Sales Sequence Insights

Availability: May 2023 

The new sales sequence insights functionality will allow sellers to gain valuable insights into the progress and effectiveness of sales sequences. The insights available are: 

  • Identify deviations: Insights will provide sellers with data around any deviations from the sales sequence, making it easy to make any necessary adjustments. This ensures that the sales process stays on track and that successful customer interactions are kept at an all-time high. 
  • Monitor step inflow and outflow: Sellers can now easily monitor the inflow and outflow of each step within a sales sequence. This allows users to assess the success of each individual step and how well these are performing.  

Overall, these insights will provide sellers with in-depth information around their sales sequences, and how these can be optimised to maximise efficiency and increase the likelihood of successful customer interactions.

A/B Testing

Availability: June 2023 

Emails are an important part of many sales sequences and make up a significant part of communicating with customers. The new A/B testing feature will allow users to test the best format, and then optimise future email communications based on this insight.

As a result of this, email open rates should increase, and your organisation has an increased chance of converting prospects. 

Within this article, we have showcased just a few of the new features that are being released to Dynamics 365 Sales soon. For more information on any of these capabilities or implementing Dynamics within your business, please get in touch. You can email us at, call us on 01908 038110 or fill out the contact form.  


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