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We recognise that busy law firms deal with a lot of information and having technology in place to effectively manage this data and those important client relationships is essential. Manually managing these processes is time-consuming and tedious, as well as leaving room for errors. 

Our CRM software for the legal industry, built on Dynamics 365, is fully customisable to provide all the tools to enable law firms to store prospect and client data, manage cases, contracts & agreements, track communications and more. 

Common challenges faced by Law Firms

Multiple Disparate Systems

Multiple systems managing various processes and individuals working within Excel Spreadsheets is common within law firms. It is not efficient and increases the risk of miscommunication or errors within the data.

Increased Competition

Heightened competition is one of the greatest challenges within the legal industry. This means law firms are facing challenges acquiring new clients whilst also having to increase efforts to protect their existing client base.

Time Spent on Admin

Studies show that up to 48% of lawyers time can be spent on admin tasks which are time-consuming and unbillable. This time can be reduced with the right technology and as a result firms can increase time spent with clients.

Department Collaboration

Occasionally, multiple departments work on cases simultaneously. Without a CRM solution, it can be challenging to manage client communications and any associated notes, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Features of Dynamics 365 for Law Firms

  • Manage all relationships in one place – Manage all your current relationships in one and link them to related activities, cases, referrers, matter parties, appointments, notes and more. It is also crucial to maintain a steady line of prospective cases to ensure consistent revenue and remain competitive. Dynamics 365 allows you to actively track the progress of each deal, the likelihood of closure and all information related to it.
  • Department collaboration – One of the challenges law firms face is the ability to access the same records across departments, which is a common need when working on cases. Our legal CRM ensures that all data related to a client is in one place and that required users are able to access this anywhere, anytime, without having to search through multiple spreadsheets and paperwork
  • Stay Alert – The Dynamics 365 + Outlook integration ensures you don’t miss any important emails. Emails are no longer scattered and those related to a record can be viewed directly alongside client information. Automatic reminders also alert you of upcoming meetings and other instances, such as notifying you when an opportunity has not progressed after a certain amount of time.
  • Intelligent Insights – Gain visibility of hours logged, performance of your partners, paralegals, firms’ growth and more via built-in dashboards and Power BI. Analytics are provided in real-time, and you’re able to easily create visual and interactive dashboards to display key metrics and gain a better understanding of your data.  
  • Integrate your business systems – Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with other products in the Microsoft stack, including the Power Platform and Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, etc.) Additionally, integrations can be built to third-party systems such as Zero or Sage.  

Benefits of Dynamics 365 for Legal Services

  • Centralise your data 
  • Improve client relationship management 
  • Improve client communication 
  • Work on cases simultaneously 
  • Track overall performance  
  • Workflow automation 
  • Improve collaboration 
  • Reduce admin time 

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