Key Dates and Steps: Navigating the Transition from Legacy CSP to Microsoft’s NCE

Amelie Streller, Senior Marketing Executive

January 31st, 2024

4 min read

As part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to transition customers from its legacy Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) offering to its New Commerce Experience (NCE), various key dates have been announced. This blog post outlines essential information for organisations still utilising legacy CSP subscriptions.

What is NCE?

Introduced in 2022, Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) replaces the legacy Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) model. While initially not mandatory, Microsoft has now set a timeline for permanently retiring the CSP model, organisations still using the old model, therefore, must prepare for this change.

Why migrate to NCE?

Transitioning to NCE provides several advantages, including simplified licensing, consistent pricing, flexible commitment and billing terms, and an enhanced customer experience.

Key dates to be aware of:

January 11th, 2024: Commercial Customers 

  • Microsoft will automatically renew all commercial customers from CSP to NCE. It marks a significant milestone, signalling the beginning of the transition for the commercial sector.

March 1st, 2024: Public Sector Eligibility for NCE 

  • The phased rollout of NCE begins for public sector clients, offering a gradual transition approach to enhance flexibility.

July 1st, 2024: Public Sector Auto-Migration to NCE 

  • Microsoft will commence the automatic migration of all renewing public sector customers to NCE. This proactive approach is designed to ensure a smoother transition for public sector organisations, minimising disruption.

Licenses, Billing and Seat counts

For all migrations facilitated by Microsoft, automatic renewal will occur with the same seat counts, defaulting to an annual billing frequency. Organisations requiring alterations to their subscriptions or billing are advised to engage with their licensing partner before the end of their legacy subscriptions.

Cancellation windows

Legacy license-based subscriptions maintain the flexibility to be cancelled at any point during their term. However, under the NCE model, new cancellation rules apply. Partners have the option to reduce or cancel seats within a seven-day window following the migration, ensuring adaptability and efficiency during this transition period.

Steps for a Seamless Transition to NCE

  1. Review Current Licensing: Evaluate your current CSP subscriptions to understand the scope and requirements of your licensing model. Identify any unique considerations for your organisation.
  2. Communication and Awareness: Communicate the upcoming changes to stakeholders within your organisation. Ensure that key decision-makers are aware of the transition timeline and its implications.
  3. Plan for Commercial Auto-Renewal: For commercial customers, anticipate the automatic renewal on January 11th, 2024. Plan for any necessary adjustments to accommodate the NCE model within your organisation.
  4. Public Sector Phased Adaptation: Public sector clients should be prepared for the phased release starting on March 1st, 2024. Take advantage of this period to familiarise your team with NCE and address any specific requirements for your sector.
  5. Prepare for Public Sector Auto-Migration: Public sector customers scheduled for automatic migration on July 1st, 2024, should ensure their systems and processes are ready for the transition. Work closely with Microsoft support if needed.
  6. Talk to your Microsoft Licensing Partner: In many cases, you will be working with a partner to manage all your licensing needs. Engage with your licensing partner for assistance with the required changes and guidance throughout the transition.

The Role of a Microsoft Partner – Pragmatiq

Microsoft partners, such as Pragmatiq, play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition to the NCE model. Our expertise can assist organisations in navigating any complexities and ensuring that you are gaining the full benefits of the new NCE model.

As the legacy CSP model approaches retirement, organisations must prepare to transition to Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience. Understanding key dates and taking the necessary steps is crucial to ensure a seamless transition. If you have any queries concerning this change or require assistance with your licenses, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at, calling us on 01908 038110 or filling out out contact form.


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