Feature Spotlight: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is one of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications that sits within the Dynamics 365 suite. The tool provides your business with all the features you need to execute successful marketing campaigns across multiple channels, create personalised customer journeys, gain a 360-degree view of your business, align your sales and marketing teams, generate better leads, and improve marketing ROI, and more. Additionally, Dynamics 365 Marketing works together with other applications in the Dynamics 365 suite, such as Dynamics 365 Sales, allowing teams to leverage their CRM data for marketing purposes.

Within this blog, we explore more about the application…

The Benefits of Dynamics 365 Marketing

At a high-level, Dynamics 365 allows organisations to manage marketing tasks effectively, improve collaboration and increase customer engagement. The solution goes beyond basic marketing functionality and provides businesses with a platform to design campaigns, communicate with clients, extend outreach, and plan and promote marketing events. Key benefits:

  • Personalise the customer journey – Create tailored, targeted interactions to nurture customers along the pipeline
  • Align Sales and Marketing Teams – Empower your teams with shared information and connect processes
  • Generate More Leads – Create more leads across multiple channels and nurture sales-ready leads with personalised content
  • Make smart decisions – Get marketing insights that align with priorities, and quickly gather research to better understand your customers
  • Gain a 360-view of your business – Make data-driven decisions to improve marketing ROI with

Dynamics 365 Marketing Capabilities and Features

Design and deliver email marketing campaigns

The intuitive email message feature with a drag-and-drop content designer makes creating powerful campaigns simple and quick. Marketing comes with pre-built templates which can be customised, simplifying the process even further and ensure that all emails look consistent and professional.

Create landing pages that convert

Users can quickly create effective landing pages, leveraging templates with the same drag-and-drop interface as the email campaigns. You can then track user behaviour on these pages, providing useful data on prospective customers and trends for future marketing.

Create automated customer journeys

Customer journey orchestration capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing enable businesses to create hyper-personalised, AI-assisted, real-time journeys to engage with customers. These journeys can be a pipeline of emails, responses, workflows and more. Triggers can be placed at different points so customers can be sent on personalised paths, depending on their actions.

Promote, manage and analyse marketing events

Dynamics 365 Marketing has built-in event management tools to enable you to organise, promote and manage your in-person or web-based events. This functionality ensures that all the key information about your event is stored in one centralised place so your whole team can collaborate more easily. New integrations between Teams and Dynamics 365 allow users to setup, promote and report on events hosted on Microsoft Teams. From the teams app, marketers can follow up with participants, with the ability to export attendee information to Dynamics 365 Marketing to view customer segments based on audience attendance and coordinate future communications.

Built-in analytics dashboards and cross-journey dashboards

Gain important insights from built-in dashboards that present metrics, views, and insights summarised across single or multiple journeys, providing you with a deep understanding of journey, channel, and content performance.

Lead-scoring model

Qualify your best leads through an automated scoring model. Dynamics 365 Marketing calculates and assigns a score for each lead based on interactions and engagement, everything from opening an email to visiting your website or attending an event.

Make smarter decisions

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to gain real-time insights and develop a deeper understanding of your market with a 360-degree view of every lead and customer. With all customer information at your fingertips, such as key contacts, recent activities, past purchases, and open opportunities, etc, you can make smarter decisions for future campaigns and improve your success rate.

Useful Dynamics 365 Marketing Integrations

Dynamics 365 Sales

Both the Dynamics 365 Marketing and Sales applications form are part of the Dynamics 365 suite and therefore they can easily be integrated to enable you to align your sales and marketing teams and to deliver a connected experience across the customer journey. Discover more about the sales integration here.

Microsoft 365

Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 apps (previously Office 365), such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint and OneNote, that are commonly used within businesses. Discover more about pairing Dynamics 365 + Microsoft 365 here.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is a feedback management tool to create surveys and track responses. It is designed to provide a more complete view of relationships, enhance insights that will lead to better experiences, and allow you to make more informed business decisions. Customer Voice is included with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing license. Find out more about Customer Voice here.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a data and analytics reporting tool which essentially brings together disparate data – anything from basic Excel spreadsheets to databases, including both cloud-based and on-premise apps. This is then presented in dashboards & reports with visual, easy-to-read graphs and charts, allowing businesses to drill down and gain valuable insights. As part of the Microsoft Power Platform, there is a natural integration with Dynamics 365. On top of this, you can embed Power BI dashboards within Dynamics 365 to enhance the existing reporting capabilities. This allows access to dashboards, reports and insights from Power BI, without needed to leave the Dynamics 365 interface. This is a separate license to Dynamics 365 Marketing and there are various licensing options available. Find out more about Power BI here. 

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