Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Elevate your marketing with AI

In today’s landscape, customers demand a highly personalised experience that is tailored to their unique preferences and behaviours. However, achieving this level of personalisation can be difficult, as data analysis and targeted content creation can be time-consuming and complex.

This is where Microsoft’s newly launched Marketing Copilot comes in; an artificial intelligence tool that makes it easy for users to efficiently segment customers, create targeted customer journeys, and generate personalised content in seconds.

The Marketing Copilot currently available within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights has three key features:

In this blog, we will discuss and showcase each of these features, and explore the benefits that these bring to marketers.

Segment Query Assist 

Creating segments often demands extensive knowledge of data structures and data models within your organisation. As a result, shaping targeted segments can be a time-consuming and inefficient task, especially if this process is reliant on one person within your team.

The Copilot Query Assist feature within Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, streamlines the creation of customer segments. Users can now effortlessly describe a segment in natural language, and Copilot handles the rest. This not only enhances productivity but also minimises the risk of depending heavily on the knowledge of one team member. After using Copilot to create a segment, users can save it and instantly use it in future.

It is important to note that, in its current state, Query Assist may face challenges in fully understanding all aspects of natural language. As a generative AI, it is still in its early adoption stage, however, it is expected to improve with increased time and usage.


Journeys with Copilot

Real-time customer journeys in D365 Customer Insights are a valuable feature for organisations looking to successfully boost customer engagement. These journeys are a series of steps that map out the ideal journey a customer should take, and the actions associated with these steps.

For example, a customer journey might look like this:

New Customer Journey

  1. New customer is added to system as a contact
  2. Customer is added to the new client segment and is automatically added to the new customer journey
  3. An automatic welcome email is triggered and sent two minutes after they are added to the journey
    1. Email is opened: A email with login details is sent one day later
    2. Email is not opened: A follow-up email is sent two days later
  4. End of the journey

Like segments, creating journeys can be a time-consuming process, often more intricate than the example above, with various steps and outcomes dependent on customer actions. Creating and managing these journeys can be complicated and hard to keep on top off over time.

Copilot in Customer Journeys helps to simplify this feature, by allowing users to use simple language prompts to describe a journey, then AI takes care of the rest.


How to create a Customer Journey using Copilot?

  1. After creating a new customer journey, users will be presented with the option ‘Create a Journey with Copilot’
  2. Upon selecting this option users must enter a description of a customer journey in natural language
  3. Alternatively, template prompts are available for every trigger or segment, providing users with a base to start with
  4. Once a prompt is submitted, Copilot will create a bullet description of the journey
  5. Users must review this and make any amendments if necessary
  6. Once correct users then simply click the create journey button

By leveraging Copilot, marketers can efficiently create and manage complex customer journeys, ensuring a personalised experience that drives engagement.

It is worth noting, that just like the Query Assist feature, this model is still building an understanding of natural language and will sometimes fail to understand prompts. However, this feature is currently available to use in preview only, as such we expect that when it is launched fully these issues will be resolved.

Copilot Email Content Ideas and Theming

 Emails serve as an important means of communication with both existing and potential clients. Microsoft has introduced two new Copilot features designed to assist marketers with quick and compelling email creation.

  • Copilot Content Ideas 
  • Copilot Theme Assistant 

Copilot Content Ideas

The Copilot Content Idea feature can be accessed by selecting the Copilot icon, located in the top right-hand corner, during the email creation process. Upon selection, users are prompted to provide Copilot with a brief list of key points and the desired tone for the email.

Copilot will then generate a variety of email options based on the provided information. Users can effortlessly browse through these options and drag-and-drop their preferred choices directly into the email.  

This new Copilot capability significantly accelerates the process of generating content-rich emails for clients without investing a substantial amount of time.


Copilot Theme Assistant

Complementing the Content Ideas feature is the Copilot Theme Assistant, which automatically generates a design theme for an email, based on the existing branding of a website.

How it works:

  1. Access the Copilot Theme Assistant: Users can find the Copilot Theme Assistant under the theme panel
  2. Leveraging website branding: Once a website has been added, Copilot analyses the branding and elements of a website
  3. Automated theme generation: Copilot then proceeds to produce a theme, that can then seamlessly be applied to the rest of the email
  4. Amendments: Users can also continue to edit the theme once it has been created, adding or taking out any necessary colours etc.

This Copilot functionality proves valuable for marketers working with a diverse range of themes in their marketing initiatives. By saving time and streamlining the design process, businesses can enhance efficiency, contributing to a more cohesive and visually impactful marketing strategy.

From the above, it becomes clear that Microsoft is truly embracing the power of AI, and the many benefits this can bring to organisations. These capabilities are just a starting point of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, and we are excited to see what the future holds. 

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