Benefits of MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

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As of the 1st September 2023, Dynamics 365 Marketing is now redesigned as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys, a comprehensive marketing solution focused on providing real-time, personalised experiences.

Correctly timed and targeted marketing can make a huge difference in terms of conversions, customer satisfaction, brand impression and more. However, the more a business grows, the harder it becomes to stay on top off all marketing efforts. More often than not, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of communications sent, segments, marketing lists and more.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Application is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that sits within the Dynamics 365 suite. The solution provides your business with all the features you need to execute successful marketing campaigns, create personalised customer journeys, gain a 360-degree view of your business, align your sales and marketing teams, generate better leads, improve marketing ROI, and more.

Within this blog, we explore the benefits of the MS Dynamics 365 Marketing CRM…

The Benefits of MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

Personalise the customer experience

  • Build specific customer journeys that are targeted at certain customer segments
  • Add customer-specific data to real-time emails, taken automatically from the CRM database
  • Easily add personalisation across channels, email, SMS, push messages and more, with the new point-and-click interface
  • Create segments using natural language and imbed these within customer journeys, for fine-tuned targeting
  • Connect the Dynamics 365 Marketing App with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for deeper insights and increased marketing campaign effectiveness
Personalise emails and other communications with MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

Reduced administrative time

  • All data is stored within a singular system, reducing time spent switching and collecting data from different applications
  • Information is updated in real-time ensuring all messaging is up to date with the most recent changes
  • All marketing communications are tracked against a record ensuring nothing is lost or forgotten about
Automated customer journey

GDPR Compliance

  • Combine multiple notifications and confirmation requests into a singular message
  • Easily view the history of subscription lists and GDPR consent level changes with the historical view feature
  • Get suggested fixes and guidance regarding the accessibility of emails, forms and pages created using the marketing content designer
GDPR compliance in MS dynamics 365 Marketing

Simplify event management

  • Seamlessly manage all areas of the event within one system, including contacts, registration, attendance and more
  • Online hosting capability with the integration of Microsoft Team webinars and live events
  • Create and publish a website specifically for a specific event, for attendee registration, event details, session planning and more
  • Build event registration forms in the marketing forms section, using a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Imbed any registration form into other third-party content management systems
  • Design forms while in the event entity, no need to leave the planning area
Event management in MS Dynamics 365 Marketing

Seamless collaboration across departments

  • Every user has access to the part of the system they need using the security roles feature.
  • Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with MS Dynamics 365 Marketing providing your team with the ability to chat, plan, host and more, all within the system
  • All information is updated in real-time and available to necessary users ensuring that no data is lost or miscommunicated
  • The cloud-based system, allows staff to access the system from anywhere, whether they are in the office, at home or on-the-go
MS Dynamics 365 Marketing and Microsoft Teams integration

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