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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an AI and machine learning application, designed to provide businesses with the information and insights they need to deliver personalised customer service. By utilising the customer data platform (CDP), Customer Insights gathers data from across multiple channels including campaign responses, loyalty redemptions, social engagement, customer service interactions, as well as in-store or online visits and purchases.

This data is then presented in the form of customer profiles, that provide real-time, data-driven insights and next steps.


Benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Real-Time Insights

Manage customer data across multiple touchpoints, in real-time

Tailor Communications

Tailor customer communications to provide a greater experience

Analyse your data

Gain a 360-degree view across devices, channels or applications

Data Visualisation

Preparing data is made easy with a range of dashboards

Predictive Analysis

Identify new opportunities to cross or up-sell

Microsoft Integrations

Integrate with other products in the Microsoft eco-system

Features of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

  • 360-degree view of your customers – Customer Insights provides a 360-degree view of your customers across every touchpoint in real-time, including transactions, engagement and behavioural. Using built in connectors, Customer Insights ensures that all your relevant customer data is kept up to date and is presented as an individual profile. Each customer profile is strengthened with general audience data, market trends, and customer feedback to provide your teams with an overall picture.


  • AI & Machine Learning – Customer Insights provides recommendations for actions based on AI and machine learning templates. These recommendations range from suggested next steps, replies, conversation points, and product suggestions, so your business can maximise up-selling or cross-selling opportunities.
  • Trend monitoring – Leveraging the information and action suggestions provided by Customer Insights, businesses can identify and monitor market trends and generate more accurate forecasting predictions as a result. On top of this, you will be able to identify any areas of your customer engagements that are performing well and those that require additional support.


  • Microsoft product – As a Microsoft product, the Customer Insights interface will feel familiar to those who work or who have previously worked with other products within the Microsoft eco-system. Additionally, there is tight integration with the other applications that are part of the Dynamics suite (Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, etc). For example, businesses can generate specific marketing segments based on Customer Insights data and information from other sources, to craft a better experience.

Where can Dynamics 365 Customer Insights be used?


Identify which customers are likely to leave, or which prospects are most likely to turn into customers, so you are able to react accordingly


Improve your marketing efforts using clear segmentation and profiles from Customer Insights. You can easily identify the best next steps for your customer groups, and tailor your communications based on the insights available


Customer Insights can be linked with other applications from the Microsoft Power Platform, allowing management to gain enhanced insights from business data

Pricing and Licensing for Customer Insights

Customer Insights
£1,131.20 Per tenant/month

  • Leading customer data platform (CDP) with world-class AI and analytics.
  • Includes 100,000 B2C profiles and 10,000 B2B accounts

Customer Insights B2C profiles add-on
£754.10 Per tenant/month

  • Additional B2C profiles for growing organisations
  • 100,000 B2C profiles
  • Requires Customer Insights

Customer Insights B2B accounts add-on
£754.10 Per tenant/month

  • Additional B2B accounts for growing organisations
  • 10,000 B2B accounts
  • Requires Customer Insights

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