Explore how Pragmatiq implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, tailored to Visku’s individual requirements.

Visku provide strategic guidance through supply chain consulting and optimises logistics with warehousing solutions. Working with businesses, they provide strategies and approaches to ensure supply chains operate as efficiently as possible, from stock holding and replenishment to future planning, and more.

Previous Challenges

  • Visku operated with disparate systems and data silos, leading to manual and time-consuming processes for accessing and updating information
  • Employees lacked visibility and access to essential information due to data being scattered across spreadsheets in different business areas
  • It was challenging to obtain a holistic view of all customer and supplier interactions in a timely manner
  • The business recognised the need for scalability but the previous set-up didn’t support this in the best way possible
  • Collating supplier data was a challenge and involved sending spreadsheets weekly to suppliers for them to populate and send back. This was a manual and time-consuming process and was also prone to human error
  • Reporting across various applications was difficult, hindering strategic decision-making. Compiling reports was time-consuming, particularly evident in managing the business pipeline
  • A centralised solution was necessary to maintain professionalism and support Visku’s growth effectively

The Solution

  • Pragmatiq implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales tailored to Visku’s needs
  • The system efficiently standardised core processes across various sectors within the business, such as warehousing, consulting, and logistics, while still offering the flexibility needed to adapt to individual departmental needs
  • employees can seamlessly manage the entire sales cycle, from initial lead generation to closing deals, all within a centralised platform
  • Visku’s operations are now more seamlessly integrated with the system, ensuring easy navigation of information and comprehensive tracking of activities. This enables employees to access and utilise information to support ongoing opportunities
  • The solution effectively identifies existing stakeholders, preventing employees from inadvertently approaching contacts already engaged by the company
  • Integration with Outlook streamlines communication by facilitating email sending and tracking directly within the system
  • Reporting functionality was implemented to provide in-depth insights into the sales pipeline, enabling employees to quickly identify areas needing more attention and those progressing smoothly
  • The system enhances the visibility of upcoming warehouse space, allowing for more accurate forecasting and a better understanding of available space for client offerings

The Benefits

  • Improved operational efficiency – Implementation of a centralised system allows Visku employees to access stakeholder communication seamlessly, saving time previously spent navigating spreadsheets and disparate systems
  • Improved insights for decision-making – With Dynamics 365, management can get valuable insights and interrogate data daily. In turn, they can get more control of overall business operations and better understand areas that need extra focus and improvement, as well as areas that are performing well.
  • Enhanced employee engagement – Employees benefit from a system tailored to their needs, promoting a better day-to-day experience and user-friendly interface
  • Future-proof system – Dynamics 365 provides a customisable and flexible platform moving forward to accommodate future business requirements and strategies as Visku continues to grow
  • Increased professionalism – Transitioning from a manual setup to Dynamics 365 will not only support business continuity but also enhances the professionalism of the organisation when liaising with stakeholders

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