Explore how Pragmatiq worked with ramsac to implement a New Starter Portal, that streamlines processes and enhances the client experience.

ramsac is an IT Support, Managed Service and Cybersecurity provider. They offer a proactive 24-hour service which cuts the stress out of managing technology. Services include designing new infrastructures, migrating services to the cloud, increasing cybersecurity or providing end users with IT support, amongst others.

Previous Challenges:

  • ramsac required a portal that structured their ‘New User Request’ process, which previously relied on manual email communication. This happens when a client has a new starter/user to setup, and needs to request a new license or to get them setup on their software services, Microsoft applications, etc.
  • Managing requests through lengthy email threads made it challenging to track communication history effectively
  • The process lacked structure and standardisation, making it prone to inefficiencies. This also led to inconsistencies in the level of detail provided in requests, leading to ambiguity and additional back-and-forth communication
  • Clients had to understand what information was needed for the request, adding complexity to the process
  • ramsac had other established systems like support and ticketing software, so the portal needed to work seamlessly with this setup

The Solution:

  • Pragmatiq implemented a ‘New Starter Portal’, leveraging Microsoft Power Apps
  • Clients can easily interact with the data via a customer-facing portal, and the back-end client data is stored in a model-driven app, accessible to ramsac
  • The client portal enables users to login, see their previous requests, progress status and raise new requests
  • Pragmatiq collaborated closely with Ramsac to define and standardise processes within the portal
  • Clients are now guided through a set of questions on a form when raising a new request, ensuring clarity on required information
  • The form dynamically adjusts based on individual client parameters, offering tailored questions. For example, if a client has a telephony system, the system will recognise that and the questions will be specific to this
  • Submitted forms trigger email summaries via Power Automate, collating the key information. This streamlines input into the ticketing system and allows ramsac to quickly take the relevant action
  • Clients can clone previous requests in the portal, saving time and enhancing user experience

The Benefits:

  • Efficiency savings – The portal streamlines processes, eliminating the need for manual email communications and improving overall efficiency at ramsac
  • Enhanced professionalism and client experience – The structured process for raising requests enhances professionalism and provides clients with a more positive experience
  • Future-proof system – The customisable and flexible platform can adapt to future requirements and can encompass additional areas that may currently be handled in a spreadsheet, or other systems/applications. This provides opportunities for further enhancements and integration of Microsoft applications within ramsac’s business operations

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