ramsac's New Starter Portal Implementation with Microsoft Power Apps

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Explore how Pragmatiq worked with ramsac to implement a New Starter Portal, that streamlines processes and enhances the client experience using Microsoft Power Apps.

Background & Challenges


ramsac provides IT Support, Managed Services, and Cybersecurity solutions with a proactive 24-hour service, simplifying technology management. Their services range from designing new infrastructures to migrating services to the cloud and enhancing cybersecurity.


  • Manual Communication: Dependency on lengthy email threads for managing new user setups.
  • Lack of Structure: Process inefficiencies due to non-standardised requests and ambiguous information.
  • Client Complexity: Clients required clarity on information needed for requests, adding complexity.
  • Integration Requirement: Portal needed seamless integration with existing support and ticketing systems.

The Solution & Implementation

Discovery and Planning:

Pragmatiq collaborated closely with ramsac to understand their specific process needs and design a bespoke Power App to meet their requirements.


  • New Starter Portal: Implemented using Microsoft Power Apps to streamline new user request processes.
  • Customer-Facing Portal: Clients interact with data through a user-friendly portal; back-end data managed in a model-driven app accessible to ramsac.
  • Standardised Processes: Defined and standardised request processes within the portal.
  • Guided Form Submission: Clients guided through structured questions ensuring clarity and completeness of requests.
  • Dynamic Form Adjustment: Forms adjust based on client parameters, tailoring questions for specific needs (e.g., telephony system).
  • Automated Workflows: Power Automate triggers email summaries consolidating key information into the ticketing system for prompt action.
  • Request Cloning: Clients can clone previous requests, saving time and improving user experience.

The Transformation


  • Efficiency Gains: Portal eliminates manual email communications, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Professionalism: Structured request processes improve professionalism and client satisfaction.
  • Scalable Platform: Customisable for future needs, potentially integrating additional Microsoft applications for enhanced business operations.

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