Museums Association

Pragmatiq worked with the Museums Association to transform their restrictive system, to one that suited their day-to-day operations and helped improve their member experience…

The Museums Association is a membership organisation, campaigning for socially engaged museums and a representative workforce across the UK. They advocate for and support museums and everyone who works in and with them, spanning various issues, including policy, ethics, learning, and collections. Additionally, they host events, campaigns and support the personal development of individuals within the industry.

Previous Challenges

  • Previously working with a restrictive system that lacked the flexibility to adapt to changing processes and business growth
  • Museums Association required a system that could support how they worked, and provided flexibility to add/update areas within the system
  • For example, they host various events, which requires event data to be stored in the system, alongside sending booking emails and other relevant communications. Within the previous system, they had limited flexibility to make changes to event formats, data captured, add new events, etc.
  • Due to a lack of flexibility and automation within the system, employees had to spend time finding work manual around, creating inefficiencies across the organisation
  • The finance team had to manually generate invoices, taking up time and increasing dependencies on other members of staff
  • Museums Association also had a Member Portal for users to sign into and interact with their information. There were limitations with what members could do here, and the user experience needed some improvements

The Solution

  • Pragmatiq re-architected the existing system, designing a bespoke solution for Museums Association, leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Customised the system to meet Museums Association’s needs, including member, course, and event management, aligning with daily processes
  • Enhanced event management with easy data access, editable plans, material addition, event creation/deletion, and auto-generated fields to reduce manual tasks
  • Invoices are also now automatically generated for memberships and events, streamlining finance processes
  • Museums Association also host various courses for members, to support personal development. Pragmatiq updated the system for managing courses, allowing for course editing, planning, member development tracking, and various payment options
  • Implemented Microsoft Power Pages for a dynamic, user-friendly Member Portal with features for booking courses/events and managing personal development
  • Implemented Dynamics 365 Marketing (now Customer Insights) for email marketing and customer journeys, leveraging native Microsoft integration to automatically pull customer information and send personalised member communications like event details and newsletters

The Benefits

  • Improved member experience – Members now have a more positive experience when interacting with the Member Portal. They can easily access personal development plans and check progress, course bookings, upcoming events, etc., in a user-friendly way
  • Increased professionalism – As admin processes are now sped up and automation is in place, the journey for a member is now quicker. It ensures that staff have everything they need in one place, enhancing the professionalism of the organisation throughout the engagement with their members
  • Improved employee experience – As the system is now customised to suit the unique needs of the Museums Association and their day-to-day process, employees now have a smoother experience when interacting with the system, benefitting from reducing admin time and flexibility to make easy changes to data
  • Future-proof system – Dynamics 365 provides a customisable and flexible platform moving forward to accommodate future business requirements and strategies as the Museums Association continues to grow

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