How CRM can help your business this Christmas?

Jessica Compton,

December 12th, 2022

3 min read

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! For a lot of companies, this means sending presents to clientssending Christmas campaigns to both current and prospective customers, or stacking the shelves for festive buyers. But, imagine if you don’t have the processes in place to support your company with this. 

A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will be like having your own team of elves hard at work for the benefit of the whole business, making everyone’s life that little bit easier.  

Below are a few ways in which a CRM can help you throughout the festive period:

Christmas Cards

Find all the clients you have worked with, along with their addresses stored within the system. Export this list directly from the CRM and have those cards written in no time! You can also find any notes stored against a contactso you can refresh your memory and personalise the card accordingly.  


This time of year sees our inboxes flooded with promotional content and offers are all around us. But how many do you really pay attention to? Your customers face the same battle and probably can’t remember many of the promotions that get sent their way. If these are mass, untargeted ads, the chances of a customer converting to purchase, or getting in touch, is lower. A CRM system allows for audiences to be segmented and ads can be based on previous buying behaviour, ensuring that the customer only sees the right offer for them and increasing the chance of them purchasing from you.

Personalised Gifts

Can you remember the details of every single conversation with your clients lately? Probably not. These little details can make a real difference over the festive season and really demonstrate that you care. Within your CRM, you can store any notes relating to a contact, so when it comes to adding a personal touch to gifts, you are a step ahead. 

Ensure you have the right stock so nobody is left with a sack of potatoes!

Without insight, it is hard to know how much stock you will need over Christmas. Do your orders increase at this time of year? Which product sells fastest? Can you scale down on another product line? These are all important questions that need to be answered but, without analysis of the data, can be almost impossible to answer.  Knowing what your customers buy and when, will help your business maximise profit, avoid over or under-stocking and ensure happy customers!

Need help with your CRM in the New Year?

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