International Hair Cosmetics (IHC)

International Hair Cosmetics (IHC) are a manufacturer and distributor of professional hair products.


International Hair Cosmetics (IHC) are a manufacturer and distributor of professional hair products. The business sells to other distributors and also directly to salons.

Previously using SharePoint, Outlook and Spreadsheets to manage data, the company required a centralised system that could support Customer Service and Operational requirements.

The Challenges

  • Previously using SharePoint, Outlook and Spreadsheets to manage data
  • Required a centralised system that could support Customer Service and Operational requirements
  • Managing customer queries and issues was manual, cumbersome and inefficient
  • Users lacked the ability to track customer interaction history
  • Room for automation across the business
  • New solution needs to be customisable and adaptable to cope with changing business needs

The Solution

  • Implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service; process-driven system in place helps ensure processes are followed
  • Functionality to support case management
  • Leveraged mobile capabilities within Dynamics 365
  • Introduced automation in some areas
  • Established integrations with Outlook and SharePoint integrations

The Benefits

  • Improved visibility and access to information
  • Resolve cases quickly
  • Increased efficiency
  • Business continuity
  • Platform for future growth

“A trusted partner recommended Pragmatiq to provide us with a Dynamics CRM platform. From the start, Pragmatiq considered our collective and individual needs and delivered an effective and impactful solution. Through constructive discussions, they were able to take us through the build process and provide a ready-to-go solution for us.  Their support was good, and they held our hands throughout the journey. We are now using what is a very robust and useful platform, giving us back precious wasted resources that we can better utilise in the business.”

Tristan Pattison General Manager at International Hair Cosmetics

The Challenges

IHC lacked a system to support their Customer Service processes. Technical Helpline Calls were not  logged anywhere, whilst delivery issues were logged in a simple SharePoint list and Product Issues were manually recorded on paper forms.

Lack of a centralised system meant the process of managing customer queries and issues was manual, cumbersome and inefficient. Additionally, these processes were heavily reliant on the experience of staff members to ensure processes are followed and queries managed effectively, however, this was not a scalable solution as the company aims to grow.

Without a centralised solution, users  lacked the ability to track customer interaction history. This caused frustration for customers and operators alike, as operators did not always have the full picture at hand. The previous process to catalogue the full interaction history of a customer for a single case became extremely inefficient, and often required the involvement of many technicians and management.

Another challenge for IHC, was that many of the processes were manual, however, there was room for automation. This was not possible without a centralised system, and therefore was something to be implemented within the solution we delivered.

Finally, ensuring the new system could be customised and adapt to the changing business needs with the business was essential, as this would be used in the years to come to support business growth.

The Solution

To overcome the challenges IHC faced, we implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, providing a platform to manage customer service processes across the business.

Capabilities within the solution, such as email templates and Business Process Flows, means the system can better support users through a standardised process and help provide more consistency in the communication with customers.

With a process-driven system in place, there can also be less reliance on management to ensure the correct process is followed, which can help support the growth of the company.

To support the case management process, D365 Customer Service functionality such as the Case, Activity and Stakeholder capabilities, can be leveraged to log all customer interactions in a consistent and efficient manner.

We also leveraged the mobile capabilities within Dynamics 365, allowing users to access data and raise cases when out of the office. The mobile experience provides all the features available to web client users, so all staff can access the data they need, wherever they are.

To help improve efficiency across the organisation, we introduced automation in some areas using the comprehensive workflow capabilities provided within Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. Automated notifications were introduced to drive actions, such as sending an email notification to the finance team where customer refunds are required, or sending emails to management when a case is due to breach an SLA.

Finally, we established integrations with Outlook and SharePoint integrations, allowing users to track emails and store relevant files against contacts and cases within the system.

The Benefits

  • Improved visibility and access to information – As a result of the centralised solution, users benefit from a 360-degree view of a given customer or case. This can lead to significant efficiency improvements and a greater customer experience.
  • Resolve cases quickly – Mobile functionality provides access to data for employees regardless of where they are working, meaning cases can get resolved quickly and customers do not need to wait for staff to be back in the office for a response.
  • Increased efficiency – As a result of the automation, such as the use of notifications, efficiency is increased and teams can work better together to resolve customer issues.
  • Business continuity – Business processes are now logically systemised in the new solution and data is accessible to those who need it. The new system also optimises the onboarding process of new staff, as there are structured processes to follow and less reliance on the knowledge of individuals within the company.
  • Platform for future growth – The nature of Dynamics and the Power Platform means that the solution can be customised to suit future requirements. The solution provides an opportunity to support other departments or processes in the business, providing a single, centralised database to manage all interactions and customer relationships.

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