Cavendish Health

Explore how Pragmatiq designed and implemented a Bespoke CRM Solution that significantly improved efficiency at Cavendish Health…

Cavendish Health provides innovative private medical and well-being services to individuals and corporates. Services cover every aspect from prevention/screening to chronic disease management to emergency care.

Clients include mid- and senior-level corporates, high net-worth individuals, families with busy lifestyles, and celebrities and crew in film, TV and entertainment.

Previous Challenges

  • Previously operated with disparate systems and multiple spreadsheets
  • Manual and time-consuming processes to get access to day-to-day information
  • Duplicated information due to multiple systems and was challenging to keep up to date; patient profile is a prime example of this issue with data about a patient held in several trackers
  • Difficult to get a holistic view of all Members and Cases
  • Lack of reporting capabilities
  • Limited automation across tasks; especially impactful for case managers responsible for managing high volumes of cases

The Solution

  • Designed and implemented a Bespoke CRM Solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Tailored the solution to accommodate the core functional needs of Cavendish Health across Case Management, Stakeholder Management & Billing
  • Implemented functionality that allows the organisation to capture all the necessary information around the Patients, Accounts, Contacts and Members
  • Developed Case Management functionality to support this process; tracking through key stages, communication, clinics, consultants, billing, dashboards, etc.
  • Automated areas of the business to incorporate warnings, prompts and reminders
  • Implemented WhatsApp integration to streamline patient communications

The Benefits

  • A customisable and flexible platform moving forward that can encompass future requirements
  • Single source of truth for information which can be referenced across all divisions
  • Fit-for-purpose and intuitive system that increases efficiency and productivity
  • Quicker and easier to match patients to facilities and clinicians and schedule appointments
  • Automated warnings, prompts and reminders to reduce admin time and create more focused employees
  • Ability to scale the reporting suite in future through the adoption of Microsoft Power BI

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