Able Skills

Explore Able Skills digital transformation, as they transitioned from manual, paper-based processes to a bespoke cloud-based solution, leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform.

Able Skills is a specialist construction training provider dedicated to equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in various trades. Specialising in comprehensive training courses, they cover a range of disciplines, including electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, bricklaying, and more.

As an accredited provider, they deliver qualifications from City & Guilds, NOCN, BPEC gas training, etc., from their fully equipped training centre. Courses range from 2-day courses to 20-week packages, or more extensive qualifications.

Previous Challenges

  • Previously operated with a disjointed manual setup, heavily dependent on paper-based processes and employee expertise
  • Manual procedures involved recording individual course bookings in a diary, managing untracked phone calls/communications, planning future courses with little to no visibility, and engaging in other time-consuming admin tasks
  • Inefficiencies arose from duplicated work as data had to be entered separately into various places
  • Manual processes were also more prone to error, meaning employees spent more time checking and cross-referencing information
  • Employees struggled to easily retrieve information on areas such as course bookings, individual qualification history, and student interactions
  • Lack of automation hindered recurring tasks, such as sending and tracking daily/weekly invoices
  • Admin staff spent considerable time each week contacting individuals who completed courses to confirm their addresses before sending out certificates
  • Due to the bespoke nature of the business, there were concerns about how this could be replicated in a centralised system

The Solution

  • Pragmatiq implemented a Microsoft Power Platform-based Custom Business Solution
  • The system enables advanced course planning up to a year in advance, enhancing the visibility of trainers and holidays
  • Automation streamlines the course booking process, automatically creating attendance for a specified duration upon student sign-up
  • Integrated financial calculations automatically identify course costs and payment options
  • Outlook integration facilitates email sending and tracking
  • SharePoint integration for document, such as storing certifications and invoices
  • Document generation capabilities facilitate direct invoice creation and auto-generation of student registers
  • Leveraged D365 Customer Voice to create and send digital surveys for course feedback
  • The system tracks student interactions, including invoices, joining instructions, surveys, and phone calls
  • Twilio integration supports SMS for payment links and course reminders
  • Custom diary calendar view offers an interactive kanban board-style overview of ongoing courses, attendees, and associated information
  • Standard reporting functionality provides users with easy querying and key insights

The Benefits

  • Improved Visibility – Users can gain a quick overview of courses, students, qualification history, and more in one centralised location, enhancing visibility and information access
  • Time Saved – Automation and streamlined workflows replaced manual tasks, improving overall efficiency and saving time throughout the business
  • Foundation for Future Improvements – Moving away from paper-based processes to a cloud-based, centralised solution has been a transformative process for Able Skills. Business processes are now logically systemised in the new solution and data is accessible to those who need it, rather than relying on individual knowledge. They also now have a stable platform for future growth as the business scales and requirements evolve
  • Enhanced Professionalism – Streamlined admin processes and automation contribute to a more efficient course management journey, elevating the overall professionalism of the organisation

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