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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science to empower your sales teams to gain more clients, build stronger relationships and sell more efficiently. The solution detects trends in your customer needs, by continuously analysing the vast collection of customer-interaction data already stored in your Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft 365 databases.

It is available as available via an additional license that can be added to Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise plans.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Enhance Sales

Enhance your sales performance and meet targets using valuable insights and predictive opportunity scoring, to identify those deals closest to closing and those that need more attention

Train your Team

Better understand best practices using the data available in Sales Insights, then leverage this information for training purposes with your teams

Gain Important Insights

Analyse past emails and conversations using the Auto Capture tool, then use this data to strengthen current conversations and relationships

Features of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

  • Mobile Assistant – Utilise the in-built Mobile Assistant tool within Sales Insights, which organises your workload. It priorities your workstream and offers proactive suggestions such as briefs on your customers or company and meeting notes. The tool also highlights how a client normally interacts with emails, lets you know when the best time to contact them is, and offers drafts of communications for you.


  • Conversation Insights – Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is programmed to automatically transcribe and analyse content, sentiment, and speaking style of a customer conversation. This allows you to gain insight into what your customers respond well to and take this on board for future communications.
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  • Talking Points –The AI-guided selling within Sales Insights offers personalised recommendations around talking points and next actions. AI scans previous communications to recommend details that could be used as conversation starters, such as family news, a holiday, or an event; this is particularly useful if your sales team and managing a large volume of clients.


  • Risk Monitoring – Sales Insights integrates with Dynamics 365, Office 365, and LinkedIn which allows AI to monitor communications and create a relationship health score based on the data. This ensures that all relationships are kept professional and reduces risks, whilst also allowing you to identify early on if there are any potential issues that might need dealing with.
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  • Predictive Forecasting – Sales Insights generates accurate sales predictions based on your current pipeline as well as past performance. These AI-powered forecasts avoid the bias and errors that come with manual forecasting and are presented in snapshots and deal flows, allowing you to easily track and analyse changes.


  • Buyer Insights – Sales Insights is able to detect which of your customers are most likely to buy and in turn, prioritise these deals in the pipeline. Each account or customer is assigned a predictive score of the probability of converting from a lead to a sale, which allows your sales team to quickly identify where to spend their time. To get the most out of the solution, your sales teams can customise the signals that contribute to this score to ensure it aligns with your business strategy.
Microsoft dynamics 365 sales insights

Pricing and Licensing for Sales Insights

The Sales Insight Add-On is available for users of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise priced at £37.70+VAT per user, per month.

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