Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 work with Outlook?

If you are looking for a seamless integration between your CRM system and Microsoft Outlook, then there is really only one choice of CRM System; Microsoft Dynamics 365. As we spoke about in this article, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 (Previously Office 365) applications integrate seamlessly together. Outlook is the email tool within Microsoft 365 and leveraging this functionality can open up new possibilities for Dynamics 365 users to increase productivity and enhance efficiency.

With Dynamics 365 and Outlook you can:

  • Send an email in Outlook and track it in Dynamics 365. The email is then made available on the record within D365 for other users to see, so anybody can pick up with the client and know what has been discussed previously
  • If you then receive a reply to a tracked email that has been sent, this is also visible on the record, maintaining a rich communication log within the system
  • View information about Dynamics 365 Contacts and Leads while you’re working in Outlook
  • Create a D365 record within Outlook
  • Sync upcoming meetings and tasks
  • Access all Dynamics end-user functions in the Outlook interface
  • View the customer engagement pane next to Outlook messages – shows relationship detail for each person associated with the email, relevant account, recent cases, upcoming activities, etc
  • Gain actionable insights on tracked emails using embedded intelligence
outlook and dynamics 365 integration

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