Grant Management for Charities

Manage grant-related activities within a single solution

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Grants often serve as an important source of funding for non-profits and charities. However, without the right software in place, the intricacies involved in applying for grants, overseeing grant-related activities, and tracking fund allocations can present considerable challenges. 

At Pragmatiq, we leverage our expertise to design bespoke charity solutions that directly address the operational challenges that your organisation may be facing. Whether it is seamlessly managing grant documentation, effectively tracking grant usage or any other component specific to your grant management processes, we have got you covered.  

Manage, track and review grant applications, your way

Centralised Grant Applications

Grant applications typically involve input from multiple individuals and teams within an organisation. This collaborative effort can become challenging and time-consuming, particularly when information is scattered across different systems/files. 

Our Grant Management Software addresses this issue by centralising all necessary information within a single platform. This approach ensures that all essential data is easily accessible to the relevant individuals, while also minimising the risk of losing or having to duplicate any data.

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The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust offers a wide range of videos and programs in BSL, catering to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community. It aims to promote BSL culture, language, and storytelling through engaging and accessible media.

Customised Workflows

With various applications being completed at the same time, it is important that a consistent process is followed across each application.  

Business process flows can easily be built into the solution, to assist any processes you might have. This feature provides a timeline that guides users through a series of stages and steps, ensuring that tasks are completed in a specific order and that critical information is captured at each stage. 

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Full Overview of All Grant Activity

Securing grants is often just the first step; effectively managing and monitoring grant-related activities is equally as important. 

Our software provides your organisation with the tools it needs to seamlessly track fund allocations, monitor expenditures, and ensure adherence to reporting requirements.  

Want to find out more about the reporting and analytics capabilities within our Bespoke Charity Solution? Have a look at our charity reporting page (button) 

Want to understand more about what your bespoke charity solution could look like? Then download our Dynamics 365 Charity Guide that covers everything from features, benefits, case studies and more.

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