Feature Spotlight: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is one of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, that sits within the Dynamics 365 platform. It is a comprehensive sales application that provides salespeople with the tools they need to acquire new business, nurture relationships, close sales quickly, and make informed decisions. On top of this, Dynamics 365 Sales also has inbuilt organisational capabilities, helping salespeople to manage their accounts and contacts more effectively, track correspondence and ensure activities are always moving them towards their goals. As part of the Dynamics 365 Platform, the Sales application can be fully customised to suit your organisation and the way in which you work. This means that there is no need to fit your processes around a rigid and inflexible off-the-shelf product, and you can work in the most efficient way.

Within this blog, we explore the benefits, capabilities and features of Dynamics 365 Sales…

The Benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales

Implementing a Bespoke CRM to support your sales department is a big decision for most organisations and also a long-term investment. Therefore, you want to ensure the software you choose is fit your organisation both today and in the future. So, why do businesses choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales over other CRM Solutions?

  • All your business data is centralised in one, cloud-based solution. This means you save time searching for information, as all your data is in one place
  • As a Microsoft product, it’s familiar and intuitive user interface supports user adoption
  • It integrates with the other products available in the Microsoft eco-system (Outlook, Teams, Excel, Word, Power BI, etc)
  • You can work anywhere, anytime. As a cloud-based solution, Dynamics 365 allows you to work from your phone, tablet or internet browser, so there is no need to be tied to the office to access your data
  • Identify customer behaviour, buying trends and forecast customer pipelines
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses are flexible and scalable which enable your business to start with what you need and add applications as your business grows
  • Easily share conversations, activities, notes and proposals with colleagues
  • You are able to automate the monotonous part of your sales processes so your team can focus on the actual selling
Screenshot of Sales Hub

Dynamics 365 Sales Capabilities and Features

Implementing a Bespoke CRM to support your sales department is a big decision for most organisations and also a long-term investment. Therefore, you want to ensure the software you choose is fit your organisation both today and in the future. So, why do businesses choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales over other CRM Solutions?

Build Stronger Relationships

  • Dynamics 365 Sales has built-in lead and scoring capabilities that allow you to identify those customers who are ready to purchase and therefore increase conversions and win rates
  • Embedded insight functionality recommends personalised talking points allowing you to tailor engagements to strengthen relationships further
  • Dynamics 365 reveals customer relationship health and identifies those at risk, allowing you to target those customers specifically
  • Use embedded LinkedIn Sales Navigator to establish new connections, drive personalised communications, and manage relationships at scale

Boost Sales Productivity

  • Tools such as Outlook, Excel and SharePoint work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales which helps increase productivity
  • Dynamics 365 Sales is a cloud-based solution that you can access via app either on your smartphone, tablet, or web browser. This functionality supports work on the go and allows users to manage their customers from anywhere
  • Dynamics 365 Sales integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams allowing for increased ability to collaborate through virtual meetings and chat functionality
  • Side panel in Dynamics 365 that shows recent and ongoing chats, channels, and people in Teams related to the customer record in view
  • Sales pipeline workspace allows sales professionals to easily navigate their pipeline and drill into individual deals

Accelerate Sales Performance

  • The interactive dashboards and reports based on data within Dynamics 365 Sales allow users to easily identify issues and trends enabling users to stay on top of their prospects
  • Functionality to motivate your sales team with fun team-based sales contests, which help to improve sales performance and accountability
  • Leverage AI data analytics and insights with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights add-on
  • Conversation intelligence, which automatically extracts actionable insights, such as customer sentiment, next steps and actions, directly from an ongoing sales calls before you’ve even hung up the phone

Useful Dynamics 365 Sales Integrations

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Both the Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing applications form are part of the Dynamics 365 suite and therefore they can easily be integrated to enable users to:

– Create strategic marketing campaigns

– Track marketing performance within the sales application

– Share one source of information to deliver a connected experience across the customer journey

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Included with a Sales Enterprise license, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is a feedback management tool to create surveys and track responses. It is designed to provide a more complete view of relationships, enhance insights that will lead to better experiences and allow you to make more informed business decisions. Find out more about Customer Voice here.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a data and analytics reporting tool which essentially brings together disparate data – anything from basic Excel spreadsheets to databases, including both cloud-based and on-premise apps. This is then presented in dashboards & reports with visual, easy-to-read graphs and charts, allowing businesses to drill down and gain valuable insights. As part of the Microsoft Power Platform, there is a natural integration with Dynamics 365. On top of this, you can embed Power BI dashboards within Dynamics 365 to enhance the existing reporting capabilities. This allows access to dashboards, reports and insights from Power BI, without needed to leave the Dynamics 365 interface. This is a separate license to Dynamics 365 Sales and there are various licensing options available. Find out more about Power BI and the licensing here. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The native integration between Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator supports sellers to build trust, manage relationships, identify new leads, view suggestions on how best to make introductions, etc.

Microsoft 365

As mentioned earlier in this article, Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 apps (previously Office 365), such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint and OneNote, that are commonly used within businesses. Discover more about this integration here.

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