4 Signs Your Law Firm Needs a CRM System

Law firms and legal practices face a range of challenges and with increasing industry competition, sometimes being a good lawyer simply isn’t enough. To maintain a competitive advantage, law firms need to deliver high-quality legal expertise and services in the most effective and productive way possible. To enable this, having the appropriate technology is crucial to long-term success. On top of this, law firms manage large amounts of information, from client data to historic cases, as well as managing schedules, maintaining communications, tracking billable time and more. This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for law firms, could help.

Within this article, we look at four signs your law firm needs a CRM System…

1. You’re working with multiple disparate systems

Operating multiple systems to manage your processes, as well as individuals working within Excel spreadsheets is a common occurrence within law firms. Aside from the risk of miscommunications and errors or inconsistencies within the data, it is not efficient and hinders employees ability to work productively. Dynamics 365 centralises your data to ensure all important information is stored securely in one place, enabling quick and easy access to all those that need it. The data that law firms handle manage is often sensitive, so having access permissions set around the information is essential; something that is possible within Dynamics 365. Alongside this, the majority of law firms bill for work by the hour, therefore tracking time accurately and prompt invoicing is essential to the financial success of your law firm. When working across multiple disparate systems, this can be a challenge. Dynamics 365 integrates with many third-party systems, such as the software you may use for time tracking, billing and processing client payments. Find out more about integrating Dynamics 365 with existing business systems in this blog post.

2. You face difficulty retaining and acquiring clients

Competition within the legal sector is one of the greatest challenges law firms face and acquiring new clients, whilst also retaining your current client base, requires time and effort. Additionally, it is essential that law firms continually meet the expectations of clients on their pending legal matters; this requires consistent and clear communications. Utilising a CRM System saves admin time across the business, so you will have more time to dedicate to your client relationships. A system such as Dynamics 365, has the ability to track all correspondence, such as notes, tasks, emails, relevant documents, etc, in association with a client record. This increases business continuity and efficiency as this information is systemised, as opposed to relying on a person to remember it/store it locally. For a 360-degree view of your law firm, you will be able to leverage built-in dashboards and quickly identify areas are working well and where needs additional attention.

3. You spend an increasing amount of time on admin tasks

Surveys show that 48% of a lawyer’s time is spent on administration tasks that are time-consuming and unbillable. This time can be reduced with the right technology and as a result, firms can increase time spent with clients or on billable tasks. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can automate administrative tasks and also systemise processes across the business. This provides consistency among firms, especially those that are located across multiple offices. Additionally, as Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with the other products within the Microsoft eco-system (such as Word, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, etc) which your law firm may already be familiar with, you can:

– Access several applications simultaneously

– Increase productivity by working with familiar applications and save time switching between tools

– Improve how you manage and interact with clients

– Work from anywhere, on any device

– Drive collaboration

Discover more about how Dynamics 365 integrates with Microsoft 365 Office in our blog post.

4. You spend an increasing amount of time on admin tasks

There are occasions when multiple departments may work on a case simultaneously. Without a CRM System, it can be challenging to keep your team up-to-date at all times, manage various client information, monitor internal communications and access the correct resources when required. As Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution, which is accessible from any device at any time, your workforce is supported whether they are in the office or working from home. Leveraging the integration with Microsoft Teams, your employees can collaborate quickly and easily on case files and other documents, in real-time.

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